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GTA V Leaked Beta


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Okay guys, so I'm not sure if this has been posted before, and quite frankly I don't care because right now I'm too excited!

There is a high chance this is fake, obviously, but the vast majority of comments are indicating this is real, Rockstar wont confirm this is real or fake, and obviously this is the beta stage, personally I believe this to be real (probably just wishful thinking) - if this is fake, and someone knows what it is (I.E a game, computer simulation programme etc, please let me know what its called)

Also I've seen how touchy a lot of you on this forum can be, so if this has been confirmed to be fake, lighten up.





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It's only been posted 32901390689238958923597828943580923759828973582130858972437582894139073 times before. And it's fake.



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