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GTA TBOGT Boulevard Baby


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I've got a problem in tbogt in mission Boulevard Baby. How can I dance with that girl? Which controls must I use to continue the mission?






-Thanks for viewing this post!I hope you give me an answer! notify.gif


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The controls are given while the mission runs. All Luis has to do is find the girl in question, slide over to her and as she takes an interest in him, the game SHOULD begin showing the configured/chosen controls in the top left hand corner of the screen. A word of advice, you can get further with her, and thus impress her while you get down by keeping whatever key you use to boogie held down - this has the effect of making the displayed circle showing how much she digs you and your sweet moves, fill more quickly.


So, my advice is, go back to the beginning of the mission and play it through again - the controls will be shown to you, just watch out for them, but be advised, they may appear rather briefly. If you need too, as the music starts and the controls are shown, pause the game, make a note of them on a sheet of paper for the sake of memory. Good luck, and if you finish the scene, you will love the outcome! One word fo advice, in order to 'leave' the club, keep low and use as much cover as possible - believe me, you are going to need it.

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