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Can my PC run it?


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So I've got this PC:

OS: Windows XP SP3

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+


NVIDIA GeForce 9100 512MB Video Memory

DirectX 9.0c

So... can it run it?

If not what should I upgrade?

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Upgrade your graphics card and RAM to atleast a Nvidia GTS250 or above and 4GB respectively to get some performance out of your PC.

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... so it's a no. A GeForce 9100 has no chance in hell it'll ever run IV.

Also, that 1 GB RAM is not enough. Windows XP needs 2 GB and Windows Vista/7 2.5 GB.


To be honest, a whole new system is your best option.

I mean, things you need new are:


•New processor

•^ Means new motherboard

•^ Means new case, probably

•More RAM

•New video card

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I'd buy 4 GB, with 2 GB RAM you won't have anything left as IV uses very much.


If you'd ask me, a new processor is also needed, but I'm not sure.

Besides more RAM, you'll need a new video card too.

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What video card should i need? I would prefer the cheapest one.

THIS or if your power supply can handle it, THIS. your dual core CPU limits you regardless, so spending $150 on a GTX series card is a waste (for you) imo


p.s. windows XP isn't going to recognize more than 3.5GB of ram, and that is with hacks. i ran basic GTA IV with high settings on windows 7 (RC) install with 2GB of ram for at least half a year with no problems. 2GB is fine for windows XP.

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