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Can i run GTA 4 with any 256 MB vid card?


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Here are my specs:

Intel core i3 (3M cache)

3.17GB ram

1 GB Shared vid memory, INtel HD graphics

320 GB disk space.

OS: xp SP3

Now iam looking to use an ATI video card with 256 MB video memory, but do not know its model... will gta 4 run on it?

MY pc doesnt run this game now.


Arent all the 256 MB vid cards equal?

MY screen resolution is 1024x786

Yes my monitor can run at 800x600 res

And i currently get this error when i try to play it:

user posted image

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Ofcourse not all video cards with the same amount of VRAM are the same.

An HD 6450 1GB is by absolutely far worse than an HD 6950 1GB wink.gif


But if the card has 256 MB, I doubt it will run IV (nicely).

If it only has 256 MB it's likely that it's a very old card thus it will not run IV.


Still, to be sure we need the actual model of the card to tell.

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256mb 8600gt runs it, i know for sure... but... what native resolution is your monitor? who can give you a proper recommendation when you haven't told us that? are you using a crt? can you run at 800x600? because you WILL be running GTA IV at the lowest settings with a 256mb video card (if at all)

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But if the card has 256 MB, I doubt it will run IV (nicely).



That's not entirely true i'm afraid, as you can use the memrestrict command line to increase your vram-that's what I did on my laptop-I have 512MB dedicated vram, but since I use memrestrict commandline 4.0, IV and EFLC now recognizes it as 1241MB vram and thus I can run the game at a steady 30fps on High settings and the sliders up a little more, as seen here:user posted image and here: Note there is no lag in the video, it was just hard to hold the camera and use the mouse and keyboard at the same time. Just a friendly heads up. tounge2.giflol.gif


But, you are absolutely right that not all video cards are the same...and since the OP has an Intel Video card, it will not run, as Intel cards are NOT supported by the game....

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friendly luggage

If your PSU is weak then get an ATI 5670. Will run GTA IV good at 720p medium/high settings wink.gif Intel graphics aren't good enough for gaming.

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