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Help with TBOGT Sexy Time


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Hi can anyone tell me how I can complete this mission if I fail to destroy the boats whilst on water. I get to the point where they escape on foot but the mission doesn't allow you to get out the chopper and shoot the arms dealers. Is this still possible to acomplish from the chopper as the dealers don't seen to run far, however much I shoot at them nothing !! Is it a case of restarting the mission ?



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Alright, here is how you do the mission.


(1) First of all get a bunch of explosive packs, the sort that Luis uses and once you begin the mission, go on board the yacht, wipe out all of the personnel on board and then before stealing the helicopter, slap a charge package on the deck on the port and starboard sides, and continue to repeat approximately ever ten to fifteen feet the whole lenght of the vessel, with a couple on the bow, a couple on the stern, even under the helicopter stationed there. You may even want to put some up on the upper deck area, its up to you. Ten charges minimum, and in case you are wondering where you can get those from, try your friend Henrique.


(2) Now, steal the helicopter. Before departing, take off and gain a little altitude but do not try to fly in any specific direction - just rise. When you are up, say, twenty-thirty feet, rotate around the central axis until the nose is facing directly aft (to the rear) of the yacht then fly away as close to level as possible - and keep on flying until the call comes in from Yusuf, the Arabic billionaire. The moment this happens and he says you are to go back and destroy the yacht, the explosives that you have slammed onto the deck will automatically detonate for you!




(3) Rotate around and head backwards the now burning yacht and coming in nice and low, but not so low as to hit it, open up with missiles and cannon and watch a nice cut-scene as the yacht slides not-so-gently under the waves, and the remaining crew make good their escape. Once this has happened, gain some altitude and follow the fleeing speed boats (don't waste ammo) until they get to within the last right turn around the headland up in the upper northern part of Alderney, then zoom ahead of them and land on the cliff immediately overlooking the bay and beach - climb out of the helicopter and lay down suppressing fire with an assault rifle, even an RPG if you wish, whatever it takes to take them down ... if you miss any of the men, they will jump out of the boats and run down the beach, wherein a sniper rifle will take care of that problem.


If you do this right and DO NOT stray too far from the helicopter you can nail 'em all and them take off once more, wherein you fly to a nice high building in Algonquin and land on its roof - a neat cut-scene plays out and its end of mission. Let me know how it goes, okay?



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Many thanks for the very detailed reply, very decent of you. Just one question when I get out the chopper it tells me to get back in, can I ignore this if I stay close ?


Thanks again !!

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Apologies for the late reply, and yes, if you land on the slightly elevated rock prominence (below the beachfront road but above the actual beach) you can climb out of the chopper ... a warning pops up on the screen, get back in it suggests - ignore it, but do not stray too far from it. In the actual mechanics of the game, the game itself allows for situations such as the player being thrown from a vehicle, so the game code treats your climbing out of the chopper as one of those situations (which is beneficial to us) and allows for you to stray no more than say, forty feet from it in order to take down the bad guys. Please note, if they have rockets left - and remember they have RPG, they may well still be targeting you, so take down the RPG carrying guys first - and then as suggested above, take out anyone who decides to cause a problem. You may actually want to use some RPG yourself on the beached rubber power boats as when their crews are dead, RPGs will be left lying around.

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Many thanks for your response, I managed to do the deed in the water in the end.


Thanks again.

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