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3dsmax help textures not showing right?


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So I put the textures (.tga) of the model of mine it is from left4dead the shotgun .. but it doesn't show up correctly(the textures?) .. here are pics of the texture from 3dsmax im stuck on .. biggrin.gif .. i'm stuck on it right now .. btw it already works in game but the textures are the problem.. ok here it is ..


1st pic(my model without correct texture showing) - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/47095523.png/


and the texture i included it so you can see what i wanted to put on biggrin.gif ..


2nd pic(the texture) - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/707/v...nreference.jpg/


so.. i put the tga file (the pic on second pic) using the 'material editor' and dragged the pics to the spheres and after that dragged or assigned it (i already did both) to the object (i went to to the modify tab on the right panel and editable mesh -> materials and chosed the id(like the no name part) (yeah on this case it has oonly one tga file or picture for txd) .. so .. yeah .. this is my problem after assigning the texture it doesn't show right and i played it ingame 1st thought i guess it was just my pc or it jsut shows that on 3dsmax but there it really shows but with exactly the same as on the 1st pic .. wrong textures? .. k thnx for your help if you know i would gladly appreciate your help biggrin.gif .. It's my only problem now. Same with char and ped models a problem with textures here. k but i only need to know here on weapon.. any help/ thnx smile.gif


PS : i also tried to flip it but the whole model turns black ..

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If you imported the weapon from Left4Dead and UV-mapping coordinates were not part of the import process, then this is why you are having trouble. Only if the coords were included can you drag and drop a texture onto the model and expect it to work. If you made it yourself based on the one in the game then you also need to UV-map the texture onto the model.


Seeing as how you ARE having trouble though, I think the UV-mapping is either not assigned or enabled. To learn more about UV coords and mapping, either look in the Tutorials forum here or Google the subject for details on what they are and how to work with them.


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hi,sorry my pc got restarted for hanging my last reply was gone ok I am writing again. but thanks for the reply RanxeroX, happy.gif actually I have known the solution to my problem on texturing.. But I have 2nd problem now I can't play my rigged ped model which is a zombie from the left4dead .. (With weapon rigging I have no problem only with rigging PEDS) Can't play it ingame it hangs. Here is the files if you can finish it to be played in game please send it 2 me smile.gif Thank you very much.. I have included max file, dff, txd and the textures smile.gif I will be creating a left4dead mod ok so here it is:


http://www.mediafire.com/?p83qscgqa0n5fgc <- The file..


How I did it:


what i did was I just flipped the texture from paint and also I resized the texture from 1024 x 512 -> 512 x 256 and also if it is 2046 x 1024 for example i changed it to 512 x 256.. And lastly when 512 x 512 to 252 x 252 .. doesn't change the texture on 3dsmax the same still with the big picture or the original the one i did not resized. I guess this can help here and it makes the txd file less big in size ..


That's what I did for this model zombie, but then when I play it in-game it hangs(i use ryosuke's skin selector to view ingame.. ) sad.gif i used coingod's rigging tutorial the 'simplest rigging tutorial ever' biggrin.gif .. anyone can read that if you want to know how I rigged


So.. If you can rig this file here it is the file to be able to play it in-game please send it to me and tell me too how you did it smile.gif .. I would gladly appreciate that. thank you very much.


editAnyone who knows how 2 rig too please if u can help i will gladly appreciate it smile.gif .. thnk you again. lol.gif


thnk you again RanxeroX for the help appreciate it ^^

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Well, I can't help out with rigging your ped - I know nothing about that sort of thing. But, I can still give you some advice based on what I noticed in your model.


First of all, and this is just a guess as I know zip about rigging, but maybe your problem is material based?! Even if there are rigging troubles you still need to iron out some material errors first.


What I saw is this: You had several materials in a multi-material. Only one of them was a GTA material. They should probably ALL be GTA materials. You also had a reference to an 'sfpd1' texture that wasn't present in either the .txd or the included pics in your archive. For sure, that's going to cause a problem!


So, start by straightening out these errors and then see if you still have problems in-game. And also, you might want to look into the possibility of NOT being able to use a multi-material with a ped. I seem to recall reading somewhere that a ped can only have one texture. If this is the case, you can fix this by incorporating all your textures into one of a larger size.


Hope this was of some help. Good luck!


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Hi, thnx again for help. Sorry if I have late reply. So here's the download link for the finished mod. Enjoy smile.gif IT is still in beta. Btw, i didn't need to make it on 1 material you can do it with many ones but thnx for all the help ^^ appreciated it still. Here it is I uploaded it as an early release for the mod but just a zombie will be working on the others right now smile.gif thx.


It's now on GTAgarage. Thnx for helping. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=19162..


PS. Hey, I have given you credits for helping me if you don't mind. K thnx again maybe you can help at future if you want what do you want to be on my team if you like k see you later. thx for the help.

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