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I don't know how to install these skins. help?


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I've installed skins in GTA SA before but i don't know how to install these power ranger skins:



i know you need to replace stuff in IMG editor but i don't know what to replace and it didn't come with a readme.

can someone please help??


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No no! Don´t go that hard old route anymore.

Download & install CLEO 4 library. Use an auto installer, it´s the upper most download:


Then download & install Deji´s SkinSelector:



The author´s site is bit messy, just download the skin.zip link from the bottom and read how to install.

Then google "Youtube cleo skinselector", there are links to downloads that have some 150 skins in one huge IMG file (skin.img).Those Power Rangers are most probably included.

Drop (replace) the skin.img to CLEO folder and look for yourself in-game. You can browse models by keeping TAB+Q pressed down & scrolling with mouse-wheel.

If they are not included, You can add yourself more custom skins to the skin.img using some good IMG tool, like Alci´s IMG Editor 1.5


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will i still be able tp use them in san anstudios?

i just needed them for a power ranger movie i wanted to make

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I don´t know about San An Studios, have not used it.

Vorbisfile.dll is part of ASI Loader, download, extract and drop the 2 files in your GTA SA main folder.

Here´s ASI Loader:



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