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- Project Life RP -

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user posted image

At Project Life we attempt to create a fantasy society where our actions and decisions can and will effect the lives of everyone around us.


Hello everyone! I am Haze and I represent Project Life, which is a roleplaying community that plays mainly Grand Theft Auto IV, but also additional games such as Red Dead Redemption and Farcry. Our games range from military simulation to racing, but our specialty is recreating a functioning society in Life Roleplay. Project Life offers our members a unique gaming experience, knowledgable staff, organization, opportunities, new connections, and above all else: Fun. We take the opinions of our members seriously and strongly consider what members have to say members before any decision is made so if you want to play in a place where you matter you have to join Project Life. We play multiple times weekly so the role-plays are almost constant.


We are one of the few communities that requires a screening process to join our community; this is just a simple test to measure the maturity and knowledge of applicants so we can ensure our members only play with the best of the best. The people who created this experience are former administrators and staff from various communities whom all banded together to create the best roleplay experience on the xbox. Our staff is there to help members with questions, solve problems, and create new fun and innovative games.


Examples of some jobs and things to do in our games:

◊ Patrol the streets and countrysides as a police officer wishing to stop criminals in their tracks, or make a little dirty money.

◊ Tired from your shift at the office and need to relieve your stress? Head down to the pub and drowned your sorrows.

◊ Have an itchy trigger finger, mind for crime, and want some quick cash? Join or create a gang and battle the law in your rise to riches.

◊ Take a hunting or fishing trip with some friends on your time off.

◊ Need money fast but can't make it working a 9-5? Hop in one of our street races with your car but be warned: Cops can and will try and stop you in exciting and risky high speed chases.

◊ Attend our colleges for one of multiple degrees including Law Degrees, Doctoriates, Business and more.

◊ Limitless ideas and ways to progress your character and have fun!



Xbox 360


Any one of our regularily played games



If you have any questions about our rules or joining feel free to contact us at [removed]

Edited by docrikowski

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The Communists

We encourage anybody who thinks that they want to try roleplaying out to talk to us! We show no prejudices towards roleplay experience.

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Doc Rikowski

This is still an external event.

Read forum guidelines.

You have to run the event from GTAForums.

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