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San Andreas Radio Stations Return?


Which San Andreas radio stations would you like to see return?  

238 members have voted

  1. 1. Which San Andreas radio stations would you like to see return?

    • WCTR Talk Radio
    • Master Sounds
    • Playback
    • Bounce FM
    • K-DST
    • K-Jah Radio West
    • CSR
    • Radio:X
    • K-Rose
    • Radio Los Santos
    • SF-UR

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Most likely we are not going to have the same Radio Stations as GTA V will be set in a different era and surely we will see new Radio Stations. Just wondering why everyone keeps forgetting about the change of era.

With that, i want to ask, where is the NON option in the poll???

I never said that I voted for NO. What I said was GTA V will be based on a completely new ERA so things like Radio Stations won't be the same. Take GTA III and GTA IV for instance. They are held in same city but in different era's and the Radio Stations aren't same.

I know that...i was referring this because then i don't have to rewrite the same text.

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I voted for Radio Las Santos,it gave me that gangsta feel when I cruised down Grove Street. Although,I do enjoy most of them. MasterSounds is one of my favorites aswell how it has that classic songs feel. Either way,im looking for some new and fresh radio stations. Although it would be great to see some old radio stations playing GTA SA's songs.

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Again, everyone seems to be ignoring the fact I've mentioned again and again that I'm not assuming the stations will definitely return because of the location of V.


I'm saying it's a possibility and asking which stations people would like to return if any did.


I know the game isn't set in SA, it's LS so obviously things like SF-UR are out but typically a radio station lasts for quite a while, just look at the BBC.



Another idea I had - what would people think about a station going off the air and being replaced midway through the game?


As we can tell from the trailer, the game will focus a lot around the recent economic climate. What if a company who ran one of the stations went into administration and the station shut down when you reached a certain point in the game and it was replaced by a brand new station.


Adding another level to the game for something to work towards unlocking.

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