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The Story Of Leroy Kingston: Remake


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Leroy Kingston is an average person living in Los Santos. Leroy was originally from the remote desert of San Andreas. Leroy decides to use all his money and go on a holiday to Miami. The holiday was only meant to go for 2 weeks, but Leroy ended up staying for 1 year. Leroy went into debt and had to sell his house back in Los Santos. When Leroy returns, his child-hood friend, Chance, let's him stay in a room at the Jefferson Hotel. Jamie, Leroy's brother, is very pissed at him. Now Leroy has to earn back his brother's respect, and find his way around the new LS.


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Name Quick Despcription Status
Leroy Kingston Leroy is just a normal man lliving in Los Santos. Leroy was originally born in the remote San Andreas. As a 19 year old, he moved to Los Santos with Jamie. The Protagonist
Jamie Kingston Jamie is the older brother of Leroy. He lives in a house on Grove Street, Los Santos. Friendly
James '52' Jones James is referred to as 52. This nickname has not changed since his childhood. 52 is a drugdealer. Pippie is his rival, a balla drug dealer. Friendly
Collin Thomas Collin is best mates with the Kingston brothers, since they first moved to Los Santos. Collin is a fat mother f*cker. Friendly
Chance Myers Chance is Leroy's childhood friend. They have been best friends since the age of 10. Chance is very poor, and lives in a garage in Jefferson. He doesn't have a job and does criminal sh*t to gets he pay. Friendly
Sergeant Johnson Johnson is a sergeant at the LSPD (Los Santos Police Department). He is a semi-corrupt cop. He is friends with 52, that's how Leroy meets him. Friendly
Pippie Jones Pippie is a drug dealer that rolls with the ballas. Enemy
James Barry James is the judge at the Los Santos Court. He is fair, but if you do stuff for him, he will give you the advantage in court. Friendly
Wu Zi Mu Wu Zi Mu owns the Donut store in Market. He is good friends with regular customer Judge James Barry. Wu Zi Mu is usually called Woozie by his friends. Friendly
Byron Billton Byron owns the Ammu-Nation in Willowfield. He is arch enemies with 'Emmet', a gun dealer across the road. Friendly
Emmet Williams Emmet owns a gun yard in Willowfield. He deals guns to the community. He is losing business since of the opening of the 'Ammu-Nation' across the street. Enemy
Constable Holden He is the constable of the LSPD. He is the leader of all murder cases. Neutral
Cesar Vialpando Cesar rolls with the Varios Los Aztecas. He is the boyfriend of Leroy's sister, Crystal. Friendly
Crystal Kingston Crystal is Leroy and Jamie's sister. Her and her boyfriend, Cesar, own a house in Angel Pine. Friendly
Irene Kingston Irene is the mother of Leroy, Jamie and Crystal. She lives on a farm in the remote desert of San Andreas Friendly
Lee Webster Enemy with James Barry. James order Leroy to break into Lee's home and kill him. Enemy
Tom Dempsey Tom owns a import/export business in Ocean Docks. He steals business off Woozie's brother. Enemy

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Chapter 1: The Beginning


Chapter 1 .zip file - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16347


1. Going to Miami - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=15889

2. Back In Town - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=15890

3. 52 And Collin - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=15942

4. Drug Business - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=15956

5. Officer Dead - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=15967

6. Ammu-Nation Work - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16068

7. Warehouse Attack - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16190

8. Racing Against All Odds - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/act=show&id=16221


Chapter 2: Living in Los Santos


Chapter 2 .zip file -


9. Emmet's Revenge - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16493

10. Surprise, Surprise - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16504

11. The Funeral - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16589

12. Detective Work - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16610

13. Finding Clues - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16672

14. Judge Barry - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16706

15. Bad Business - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16872

16. Drug Farm - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=18121


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1. BMX At The Skatepark - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16222

2. Island To Island - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=16753


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  • KaRzY6 - Writer and Designer.
  • Dutchy3010 - For making DYOM.
  • PatrickW - For making DYOM.
  • Narcis_Speed6 - For making logo and headers.
  • ItsAllAboutGTA - Trailer.
  • abishai.kochara - Screenshots.
  • Arejai - Tested mission 15
  • All who post and give feedback to support me.
  • And all who play these missions.
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- Weapon

- Safe house

- Vehicle

- Clothes/Uniform


Going To Miami (Mission 1):

- Blue bet-up Sadler


Back In Town (Mission 2):

- Room 4 of Jefferson Hotel


Drug Business (Mission 4):

- Baseball Bat


Officer Dead (Mission 5):

- Police Uniform


Warehouse Attack (Mission 7):

- 9mm


Racing Against All Odds (Mission 8):

- Red Alpha


Emmet's Revenge (Mission 9):


- Armor


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"The Story of Leroy Kingston: Remake" - Chapter 1 and 2


Chapter 1


Chapter 1 was amazing! Great work.


I liked you're characters. It was a good mix, not too biased or mixed, just right.


Your plot was great, and suited the story well. I thought it was a good touch when you had the player in Miami, when in reality he was just at the beach in Playa Del Seville.


The action was outstanding! You had a good mix of missions, from shootouts to racing. It was a great variety.


You're grammar and punctuation was, probably, at standard. You had a few typo's and what not, but I could cleary understand what each character was saying, so that was good.


You had a great variety in the first chapter, and everything was superb! A great first chapter.


Rating - 8.4/10.


Chapter 2


Chapter 2 was the best! One of the best in DYOM!


Your plot, was excellent! The death of Chance was a great touch.


The variety was amazing! You had shootouts, to detective investigations, and stealth killing!


The funeral was also a great touch. The objects were in place correctly, and the setting gave a real funeral feel.


Detective Work was my favourite mission! Great work on that! It was like a small episode of L.A Noire. The RP involved was excellent. Although, I found it weird having to drive the police car, when you were with a policeman! Maybe you should've instead had Leroy and Johnson as actors, and made a cutscene with Johnson driving as they arrived at the crime scene and the police station. But, it was still great.


Again, the grammar and punctuation was the same, at standard. But, nonetheless, you kicked ass in your missions!


This was one of the best chapters in DYOM I have ever played! Outstanding job, and I can't wait to see you progress this series!


You truly are an amazing designer! If you worked on your grammar and punctuation though, I believe you can aspire into one of the greatest DYOM designers ever!


Rating - 9.3/10.


user posted imageReview by Converse



user posted image


Hello guys, today i will review 2 missions of The Story of Leroy Kingston: Remake by KaRzY6 (this isn't tounge twister so just say TSLOK). Why is it Remake and where is the orignal? The orignal was a sh*t so K6 made a nice one with the same story but with developed features. Small talk about the designer (no one does but i will do). He is a new guy. He makes really short but nice missions. He makes missions really fast and completed 2 good mission packs. He has also organized some games like 'Which Path will you take?' and he is getting timely response. He got lot's of help in this forums and he is also helping the forum in many ways. For Example, 'Every DYOM Designer Topic'. He has become a pro in DYOM too. Let's begin the Review (waited too long, huh?)


Writing: Very Good- Many spelling mistakes but Colour/Color text prevented it (save my prince!). The lines were understanding and really logical too.


Presentation: Very Good- Less cutscenes and hope more soon. Really good use of Objectives at a time. Less Realism but i know that you will bring more soon.


Totally, i will do just the first 2 missions.


Going To Miami (you will LOL when you will find out San Andreas's Miami)


Length: Decent- You are Leroy Kingston fron Los Santos and going for a trip to Miami. You go to your brother's house to just keep your vehicle there (why? What will happen to your vehicle if kept at your house?) and to say farewell (oh! that is why.. I thought that Jamie wanted that sh*thole to drive). You go Miami (the taxi driver is... Ambulance Chaser!). LOL.. LOL.. LOL.. You go to Miami (which is at the back of your house lol.gif. Now easy to go and piss in the ocean). You don't like it and return back after 1 year with a f*cking problem. You Bank Manager has sold your house (sh*t! not my sh*t!). What to do now? Where you will stay? You return back to LS and the story begins....


Difficulty: Very Easy- Only cutscenes and a telephonic call. Nothing much but you understand the story.


Variety: Good- Good start. Pick the pace, bro. Many skin and animation. Less cars and no weapons. Take care of the realism (i loled alot when the Miami was at the back of Jamie's house).


Back In Town (welcome back! We were waiting for you.


Length: Good- Now you need a taxi (again Ambulance Chaser is the driver). You go to Jamie's house but he isn't there (seems like he has gone to Sweets house to change his make-up) and you pick your sh*thole. You go to your friend's house, Chance (there is a chance that he will become a enemy too). You ask him for a place to lay low so he gives you a pass to live in Jefferson Motel (don't do anything dirty, Leroy just like Carl). You go and check your new room. Chance call's you and tell's you that he will give you job. His cell number has also changed (oh! too bad. Now how will he call the bitches?). Let's take some rest, motherf*cker.


Difficulty: Easy- Driving is important. No action but will come in upcoming missions so sure to play TSOLK.


Variety: Good- Nice to keep realism and many cars here. No weapons but many skin. One side bad but one side good. Well Done and improve more next time. icon14.gif


Overall- 12.5/15


Sorry for not Reviewing your other missions but I did this to improve in those weak points. I guess there aren't any weak points. You did well than last time. This Mission Pack look's promising. Sure to play it to encourage this new guy. You will surely become a awsome designer. So this was another Review from John12 (ah, I know. This review is short. Don't worry, next review will be of Jimmy's The Runaway). Thanks for reading, guys.



Alright guys,today i'm going to review a mission made by KaRzY6, The Story of Leroy Kingston.Mission number 3 & 4,which is 52 & Collin & Drug Business


-Writting:Very Good,they are written perectly good grammar and coloing text icon14.gif

-Presentation:Good,i don't say very good because less cutscene are used,it used many timeout smile.gif

-Length:Good,i'm done it maybe in 1 - 2 minute,cause the mission not too long but it has an interesting storyline icon14.gif

-Difficulty:Medium,Both of the mission series have a different difficulty,like in Drug Dealer,we must defeat the ballas using only a baseball bat without armor,but the ballas are using guns,that's the interesting part,make's the mission more challanging & twisting icon14.gif

-Variety:Decent,almost all the actor's and playable character using the skin that we seen while playing the original mission of San Andreas,like Leroy,the main character,use the skin of Ryder


Overall,the mission are cool,very fun to play & icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif 5 thumbs up.Great job KaRzY6,for designing this mission ! Keep it up ! biggrin.gif



Hey guys! Well today I'm going to review the missions 'Officer dead' and 'Ammunation Work' from 'The Story of Leroy Kignston : The Remake' by KaRzY6.

Now to the reviews!



Writing Excellent. They don't stress much and aren't complicated, they're crystal clear and understandable and come to the point immediately.


Presentation Excellent. Well the camera angles, the timings, all are proper and give one enough time to read and understand whats going on. Good K6!


'Officer dead'


Length Good. It will take about 5 minutes(probably less!). In this you have to recover evidence against a friend and this you do by killing a cop, disguising yourself in his clothes and then getting into the station and stealing the evidence. Sounds complicated but will barely take 5 minutes!


Difficulty Easy. Its quite easy unless you're a dumbass.


Variety Duh, what variety in this? come on! there isn't any special characters except the cop and your friend who give you the job and the cop you kill, who, is a normal cop.


'Ammunation Work'


Length Very good. About 7 minutes to be precise, you go to the owner of the ammunation shop in Willowfield and get a job to kill Emmet, who's a gun-seller across the street but you don't kill him and just beat him up and give a warning when you have to face his assistants.


Difficulty Easy. As long you keep your head up and fight the assistants you're all right!


Variety Decent. The two assistants are look-alikes,lol and theres emmet and the shop owner, thats it


Overall K6 you have done a good job on these, these missions are simple yet enjoyable and have very good gameplay! good job, keep it up! you rock!



Hello everyone,


Today, I'm going to review 2 missions made by KaRzYr6. They're part of his The Story of Leroy Kingston: Remake series.

Please click on the link below in order to view the topic and find links to download them:



Now, it's time for the review,


- Writing: Good.There were very few noticable grammar errors like use of were instead of we're and sometimes some letters missing. Appropriate text colouring was also used for different objectives.

- Presentation: Good. Even though few cutscenes were used, their focus was very good and they were also timed well.


Warehouse attack

- Length: Very good, as it can be done in about 8 minutes. The player, Leroy, gets a call from Sgt Johnson and is told to destroy a warehouse full of drugs. The player has to pick up a stash of weapons and armour, then go to the warehouse where he has to kill the guarding mafias. After the mafia are killed some gang members who are there to pick up the drugs arrived and they also have to be killed. Then the player has to plant bombs nears the drugs stash and destroy them.

- Difficulty: Easy. Even though the number of enemies is large, the molotov cocktail given to the player can easily wipe out all the enemies.

- Variety:Very good. Characters include Leroy, Johnson, the mafia and some gang members. Wepons include pistol, baseball bat, molotov cocktail and SMG's. Vehicles include sadler. Pickups include weapons and armour.


Racing against all odds

- Length: Good, as it can be done in about 6 minutes. The player, Leroy, gets a call from his brother, Jamie. He is told there is a race. Leroy goes to Jeffro and gets a better car, alpha. After that goes to the racing start point where he has to win the opponent.

- Difficulty: Easy.The mission mainly includes driving from one area to another, so the player only has to be careful with his driving. The race becomes easy because of the bugged route points.

- Variety:Decent.Characters include Leroy, Jamie and Jeffro. Vehicles include


The missions are designed well, with no bugs and glitches. But the story element can still be improved because the missions were kind of random whereby the reason the events that were taking place were not explained. Also the difficulty of the first mission could have been improved by giving the player less powerful weapons. Nevertheless, the author did a good job in the designing of the missions and should keep up with it by making even more better missions.


Edited by KaRzY6
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Well john, as you can see. This is a remake, just more detail and extra missions. Though it still follows the same story. In the original game, there was no REAL major enemy. Pippie was probably the main enemy, and he was only featured in one mission. Though, this time, i will make the story with more actions and maybe some twists. smile.gif

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I'm going to try the mission tomorrow. My exams week will finish and finally back for DYOM wink.gif

Hey, you've got to have a main enemy in a story. If you make a story, it must be narrative story. There must be conflicts inside the story. This series is not your experience, which don't have conflict on it. This ain't a recount story wink.gif

Edited by alifjenius
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Yeah, of course there will be an enemy, just haven't thought of one. I'm just remaking first few missions, then might go a different path to the original series. What you reckon? smile.gif

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Some spelling mistakes or else awsome. As i predicted- icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif / icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif .


Good luck with other missions too. smile.gif

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Sorry for Double posting but...




No spelling problems at all. Broish language, bro. biggrin.gif Good with travelling and bring the action, understood? Rate- rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif / rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif

rampage_ani.gif = cool.gif

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Sorry for Double posting but...




No spelling problems at all. Broish language, bro. biggrin.gif Good with travelling and bring the action, understood? Rate- rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif / rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif

rampage_ani.gif = cool.gif

Thanks for the feedback. smile.gif Sorry there's no action, but they are only the first 2 missions. Most of the time, you don't bring the action in on the first coupple of missions. Because they are the missions that introduce you to the story. So you get the info.


The next mission will be '52 and Collin'. If you have played the original series. That's the mission you kill 'Pippie'.

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Yeah, of course there will be an enemy, just haven't thought of one. I'm just remaking first few missions, then might go a different path to the original series. What you reckon? smile.gif

You mean "What I expected" ?


Nice missions from you wink.gif and a nice remake from you wink.gif

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(wink.gif) is your sign and K6's (biggrin.gif) and mine is nothing. alien.gif ( alien.gif this isn't my sign).


It was offtopic.


Ontopic: Wow, bro. So fast two missions already? notify.gif

Edited by john12
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Yeah, of course there will be an enemy, just haven't thought of one. I'm just remaking first few missions, then might go a different path to the original series. What you reckon? smile.gif

You mean "What I expected" ?


Nice missions from you wink.gif and a nice remake from you wink.gif

Thanks alifjenius. biggrin.gif


and true john12 biggrin.gif

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Thanks bro, biggrin.gif


Also, i thought up a great twist. So make sure you keep playing biggrin.gif


P.S The twist is not in this mission.

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I already played so.. icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif / icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif


You are now becoming a pro so i will add one more thumbs up.


The Drive-by was awsome and excellent use of Colour text which caused the bug tounge.gif .

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Thanks bro, i really appreciate that biggrin.gif



You are now becoming a pro

WOW!! Thanks bro smile.gif

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