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Notepad+++ + points


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Want to make Huge missions?

Want to make missions faster?

Want to make flawless missions?


Then this topic is for you.




This is- user posted image


user posted image


1. What is Notepad+++?


2. What are the good points of this?


3. Is this hard?


More questions can be asked here. biggrin.gif


user posted image


1. Notepad+++ is a app and can be downloaded from here.


2. I will tell them but not here. smile.gif


3. Nope, this thing will be easy and understandable.


user posted image


Trick 1.


1. Start a new mission.


2. Make objectives but remember to type in the description- obx (x means the number of the objective).


3. After you are ready with actors, cars, etc, save it and close it.


4. Open Notepad+++ and find your DYOMx.dat file (x means the number of the file).


5. Use find function and find for which objective you want to edit. Eg- ob3 so use find and when found, edit it.


6. Fetures in this we can use are, we can use ':' and '-' symbols.


7. Dyom has one problem of executing the text slowly but with this, we can type faster.


8. You can fix text bug here only. cool.gif


9. When complete, save it and try.


Simple. biggrin.gif


Trick 2.


1. Open a nice completed mission fle.


2. Go to a text and use this format- ~x~ (x means the color/colour text first word).


3. Save the file and try.


Simple biggrin.gif and the credit goes to the founder.


user posted image


Trick 1.


1. If you type more text in one objective, some text disappears. confused.gif


2. It might be inaccurate because we don't know which objective we are editing like any cutscene or timeout or anything else.


Trick 2.


1. This trick has some exceptions too. Very less color/colours we can use.


user posted image


Trick 1.


1. Just check the objective and delete the extra or reduce them.


2. Use alt+tab combination so that you can edit the objective while playing which cannot cause confusion.


Trick 2.


1. We can't do anything but wait for the DYOM Founders to add more. dozingoff.gif


With this method, we can make millions of huge and excellent missions in seconds.


What do you all think?

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Nice guide john. You should even mention some tricks which can be edited using Notepad+++, like changing text colors, bolding a text, italics etc.

user posted image
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Thanks for that but this is DYOM section and already some guys have made some topics like this but for the kwonledge for newbi's. I will see. confused.gif

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bolding a text, italics etc.

We could do that ? mercie_blink.gif


Anyway, nice thread john. This will tell all the designers what is the advantage of Notepad ++

And about "some text are dissappear", it is because we put a text after +. + is written for color code

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