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Hello everyone,


While Grand Theft Auto V is underway in development and probably won't be released until sometime in 2012, we'd like to introduce you to a role-playing organization called San Andreas United Divisions, abbreviated "SAUD". San Andreas United Divisions is a special role-playing organization which allows players to "play" freely as they wish. Instead of having a dedicated set of police officers and criminals, for example, we instead have a dedicated staff of police officers, and the "criminals" are just those who play on the server freely and break the laws. This, provides a special experience for all members of SAUD.


While we know it is quite early to start such an organization for a game that isn't scheduled to release until possibly sometime in 2012, we'd like to get a head-start and begin the application process early, for practical purposes.


Members are free to play when they want; they're not constricted or bound by specific times to do so, and moreover, they're not required to meet a specific number of hours each week: they play as they wish.


SAUD consists of a set of unique divisions with a set of dedicated staff to manage each division. Currently, we support the following divisions:


-Police Department




-Fire Department


-Medical Services (Paramedics)

--->Land Paramedics

--->Medevac Teams

-Transportation Department



--->Air travel

--->Maritime travel


As the Grand Theft Auto V gets closer and closer to its scheduled release date, more information will become available for us to completely develop the organization. Additionally, more divisions may be created as more information is released. We currently have a public website at http://www.sanandreasuniteddivisions.co.cc/ (link currently broken) or at http://sites.google.com/a/sanandreasunited...ons.co.cc/saud/.


Cadet Acceptance Program


San Andreas United Divisions has created a new program, called the Cadet Acceptance Program (CAP). This program enables anyone to apply and immediately join San Andreas United Divisions, without the need for immediate training and/or testing.


Details on this new program can be found here: https://sites.google.com/a/sanandreasunited....co.cc/saud/cap

You can apply for SAUD, through this program here: https://sites.google.com/a/sanandreasunited.../saud/cap/apply





So, are you interested? If so, please visit our website and apply. Also, keep in mind that we have another organization, Liberty City United Divisions (LCUD), for Grand Theft Auto IV, if you're interested in instant action.


Details: https://sites.google.com/a/sanandreasunited....co.cc/saud/cap

Apply for SAUD: https://sites.google.com/a/sanandreasunited.../saud/cap/apply

Apply for LCUD: http://www.lcud.co.cc/join-lcud/

Forums: http://sanandreasuniteddivisions.co.cc/forum


Thanks for your time; we sincerely hope you'll consider in applying for us.


Yours truly,


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This sh*t again?


Oh and btw you should change it to Los Santos United Devisions not SA. suicidal.gif

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