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Is it possible to use Sketchup for texturing?


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Hey all,


i mainly work with Sketchup because I find texturing a bit complex in 3ds Max,


so I would like to know if is it possible to use Sketchup to texture a model instead of texturing it inside 3ds max, and then just use 3ds max to do only the necessary changes and settings with GIMS... ??


or texturing needs to be done completely inside 3ds max for the materials to be correctly applied for GTA IV??




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If you texture it in sketshup, the model should keep the mapping coordinates when you import it into 3ds max. When you apply the gta material, you can select the texture you already used (note: you can only use one texture + spec, normal maps...etc) and all your textures should be lined up like they were in sketchup.

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