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Small MP suggestion


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In the GTA IV forums, we have a forward link to the MP Events sub-forum right now.


I'm suggesting to put another one below that, to link to the MP Gangs sub-forum.

There could also be a pinned topic in the GTA IV > Multiplayer section (http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showforum=238) linking to both forums.


I believe it might help raise the activity there and bring some new gangs and people(especially on the PS3 and PC)


Of course, when V launches, those forums and the pinned topic should be moved under the GTA V sub-forum, and then we'll have even more potential activity in that area


It's nothing much, but it could help.

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I would PM both Fgcarva and banana about their pinned topics on both sub forums about adding a link to the gang section, which I'm sure both would not mind doing. We don't need an extra link to the gang section on the forum directory nor would it make any sense to move the gang-event links under the GtaIV or GTAV sections of the directory as the gang section was set up for all kinds of multi-player excitement. As far as a pinned topic dedicated to providing a link, you might want to ask either Seddo or Azeazal about that.


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What are you talking about? What do fgcarva and banana have to do with that...


Don't think you understood me right,


Here we have

user posted image

Multiplayer Events ''sub-forum'' that forwards to Multiplayer > Events sub-forum.

What i suggested is to add another one below called Multiplayer Gangs, that forwards to Multiplayer > Gangs.


I guess i could talk to Seddo about a pinned topic in the GTA IV > Multiplayer area, but my initial question was the above.

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Bananas topic Here in the Tips Multiplayer secion. Could have a gang link added. Fgcarvas topic Here in Multiplayer events, could also provide links.


What I told you was the Admins are not going to make a sub-forum link in the directory that leads to a section of the forums that can be clearly seen in the directory. Hell, it's even neatly spaced between the GTA series section and the GTA Modding section. You can't miss it!


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