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How is Christmas celebrated in this Forum?


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You can go here and change to the Christmas skin. It's called GTANET 2k4 Xmas.


And then there's the Craig Cringle's Advent Calendar thread in General discussion. There ought to be some other topics floating about there Christmas related, if not now then I'm sure they'll pop up at a later date.


I'm celebrating by having a festive sig and avy to go with the forum Christmas skin. smile.gif

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Oh, I'm not sure on that. lol Although I registered in 09, I didn't become active til earlier this year, so this is technically my first Christmas at GTAF. So I'm not sure if there's anybody that throws any Christmas contests.


Hopefully someone who has been around longer will come by and answer. smile.gif

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We don't do anything special, if that's what you're expecting. Christmas is just like any other day on the forum.


Like someone suggested above, if you want to get into the festive mood, put on the Xmas skin. That's what most people do.

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