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Need help on Learning to Fly Mission


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For: SharkAttack

Missions: Learning to Fly

Link: http://gtasnp.com/28458

Notes: fiished in Gold.

Rustler, Hunter, and Stunt Plane are on the Flight Line of the Verdant Meadows Airdrome.



Carry On! icon14.gif

Game Tips:

Spend time just Exploring: alleys, behind bushes, in buildings, on roof, etc. you will find lots of FREE weapons just spinning around.

MEET: Kathy (Nurse) to keep weapons when Wasted.

and Barbara (Cop) to keep weapons when Busted.

Go back to the Flight School and try doing the 10 tests. Flying from now on will be taking off and landing and flying throught one corona when you do the remaining flying missions.

Don't forget as long as there is a "airplane' Icon on the field you have more must do missions there.


and Finally, Some helpers will throw a hissy-fit if you don't save as near the mission start as possible. sad.gif

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