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Observation I made over time.


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Although I'm not far away of going into the 4th year at gtaforums; nothing compared with the oldest staff and members from around here, I got into some point from some quite time where I'm asking of ...Why like everybody that made their topic and posted so far.


As for the first suggestion of mine, Gtaforums is going/is near or is already in the 10th year. Over the years, numerous topics have been made, spam, no spam, something that isn't related to that specific section, totally out of this word as some topics amaze even me, dusty old topics, posts that you don't have a clue what they are meaning now, posts that expired from the comments over time, dead topics, dead links, pure garbage, active topics that are suppose somehow to be locked because you can't find anything there again in this 10 years of expiration.


What I presume is that Gtaforums needs right now is a big cleanup from the entire closed topics. Most of my time that I spend here is in ModShowroom, the reason of being here is that I belong there. There are massive amount of closed topics that you can find only in the Misc section part of the ModShowroom with 63 pages, gathered in this 10 years, this to be just the beginning. I'm sure 70% out of 63 pages are with dead topics.


I don't know if this will affect the members post-numbers in case if these topics will be deleted, but from what I know every forum has his own trash archive topics, where these should be there. If this movement of deleting the dead/closed topics will affect the users number of post, at least the topics to be moved into the trash can.


I'm pointing out this observation because my own answer stands of having a much better and faster, Cleaner forum for Search feature [one of those good examples]. Sometimes I spend a lot of time on the Search feature, when I forgot something and all I remember is just one single word. Even so if I choose the right section there are thousands of topics in it as the Search is doing the job finding every post specific to that word and the time starts to be much longer.


In this way the forum will be more organized, much cleaner, less pages, loads much quicker ...after all, I don't who needs of use of closed topics that you don't find nothing there anymore.


Now I don't know what member/s of the staff is willing to do such work [if this observation will take the approvement] because indeed it takes time and patience.

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Who decides on which topics to keep, and which of them are to be deleted? Just because a topic is locked, doesn't mean it's worthless. Topics may be locked to keep spam out of them, whereas others are locked simply because they are garbage. Yes, a clean up of the forum would help, but I doubt any of the staff wish to go through all the forums and choose which of the topics to be deleted. Even old topics shouldn't be deleted, purely for nostalgia sake.


We've already lost everything once, and wish not to have this happen again.

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leik oh em jeez!

Even locked or dead topics can hold valuable information, no one person or any small group of people would be able to accurately decide what formerly useful topics should now be wiped from the face of the planet.

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