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In chase missions...


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Hi, In chase missions, like Og loc, if CJ gets too far behind does the person being chased stop/wait for CJ too get close and then race away again, thanks, Luke icon14.gif

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Nah, don't get used to it too much, only happens in few first missions, but later when you get too far away behind, it's mission failed.

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In OG Loc yes Freddy does wait during the beginning. But, after a few corners he won't. Also in most chase missions you don't have to actually follow either. You can take other streets (as long as keep the target on the radar). Also, in some chases the Target Always takes the same route and in others the target will vary depending on what you do. In some 'killing' the target won't work.

I could go into details, but it would give away too much of the Game play.

To be remembered: You don't have to do every mission the way the Game tells you, it lies, and many can be completed using other weapons/vehicles/methods than those the Game suggusts.

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