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gta 4 cops game for xbox 360


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liberty city police officers

Welcome to theliberty city police officers! We are an Xbox Live Clan for Grand Theft Auto 4. We role-play and that means we will play as realistically as possible. Police officers will work together to prevent crime that the crooks are partaking in, which range from traffic stops to pursuits, disturbances, Terrorism attacks and anything you can think of. . The crooks have to be careful though, we have officers that can take you down without you even knowing they are there. Don't miss out on the action so sign up today and get trained to be placed into the area you want to be in, think you got what it takes? Then send in an application.



Now we may seem like a small clan, and a small clan we are. But with a pair of highly dedicated Commissioners who are online every day without fail this clan will gradually become better and better as numbers increase, reputation increases. The more members we have the better the fun. We don't strive to only allow 20+ people only, We will accept anyone at any age, just as long as you are able to be mature and understand the consequences that follow your actions should you fail to abide by the rules.


Once again thanks for taking the time to look over the site and the forum. We hope that you have a fun time.





liberty city police officers

Cops & Crims Role-play


General Details

Platform: Xbox 360


When we play

9PM GMT London Time

7AM GMT+10 Brisbane, Australia

4PM EST America, New York

See the time zone converter


We play on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Game Settings: Team Death Match; Cops=Blue Criminals=Orange


16; Cops= 10 Crims=6

15; Cops= 9 Crims= 6

14; Cops= 9 Crims= 5

13; Cops= 8 Crims= 5

12; Cops= 8 Crims= 4

11; Cops= 7 Crims= 4

10; Cops= 7 Crims= 3

09; Cops= 6 Crims =3

08; Cops= 6 Crims= 2


We try to have at least 8 players in each game but have and can play with less.

Note: The above table is for guideline purposes only, we may mix the teams on occasions.


Rank Structure

liberty city police officers



1 Member

Assistant Commissioner














Police Constable:


Junior Constables.



As you can see we are looking for a lot of spaces to fill.



The liberty city police officers consists of many different departments that work hand-in-hand to assist each other.



Special Weapons And Tactics




Is in charge of SWAT, can demote, promote and suspend officers. Works closely with the Deputy Commander to ensure the operation of the department.

Deputy Commander

Works with the Commander watching over the department. Can fill-in for the Commander if needed.


Works very closely with the Commander and Deputy Commander. Makes sure officers are up to the task at hand and is in charge of recruitment.


Makes sure the entire SWAT department is running smoothly and handles any inner-department problems.


Watch over training and make note of possible changes to training. Not usually called out to emergencies.


Full SWAT officer. Trains Cadets, and Privates.


A new officer in SWAT. Has the duties of a full officer.


A SWAT officer still in training.


Weapons and Vehicles

SWAT Weapons: (TBoGT)


Pistol (Preferably Desert Eagle)

AA-12 Shotgun (Non-explosive)

P90 Sub-Machine Gun

M249 Light Machine Gun

DSR-1 Sniper (Can only be used upon approval by the SWAT officer in charge)

Sticky Bombs (Can only be used upon approval by the SWAT officer in charge)

HK69 Grenade Launcher (Can only be used upon approval by the SWAT officer in charge)


SWAT Weapons: (Original)

Glock 17 Pistol

Winchester 1300 (Pump) Shotgun

SW MP-10 Sub-Machine Gun

M4 Carbine Assualt Rifle

PSG-1 Combat Sniper

Mk2 Grenade


SWAT Vehicles

All SWAT vehicles MUST be black. SWAT will not always be driving black vehicles, most of the time you will be driving normal patrol cars. You are only to drive SWAT cars when your on duty AS SWAT



Huntley Sport (Black)

Cavalcade (Black)

Landstalker (Black)

Rebla (Black)

Buffalo (Black)

Police Cruiser

Police Buffalo

Noose Annihilator



'The eye in the sky'

The Aviation department plays a key role in the LCRR. Aviation can be called in for a range of different police matters, ranging from high speed pursuits to armed robberies.



Flight Lieutenant

Is in charge of Aviation. Is in control of training procedures. Can demote, promote or suspend any Aviation members.

Pilot Officer

In command of any and all aircraft in use. Is in charge of training and recruitment.

Officer Cadet

Officer Cadets can man the air wing at any time with the permission of the officer in charge (Dispatch).


Weapons and Vehicles

Aviation Vehicles




Aviation Weapons

Pilots can carry their weapons but Light Machine Guns ONLY. Shooting out of a chopper with a pistol is very unrealistic.

M248 Light Machine Gun


Special Response Team & Highway Patrol

The SRT unit is deployed for any high speed pursuits


Weapons and Vehicles

SRT Vehicles

Turismo (Black)

Super GT (Black)

Infernus (Black)

F620 (Black)

Police Stinger


SRT Weapons

SRT units carry:

Desert Eagle Pistol

Beretta 1201 Combat Shotgun

Uzi Sub-Machine Gun


There are many other departments and sub-departments such as:

Coast Guard (Sub-department of SWAT)

Hostage Rescue Team (SUb-Department of SWAT)






List of crimes criminals can commit:


Traffic Violations (Speeding, Running red lights)

Public Disturbance (Protest, riot)


Grand Theft Auto

Drunk and Disorderly


Abuse (Physical and verbal)

Illegal Parking

Brawl in public (Fighting)

Noise pollution (Revving engine in residential areas)

Drug Trafficking


Damage to property

Damage to Government property


Child Pornography

Computer Crime

Conspiracy to commit

Credit / Debit Card Fraud

Domestic Violence

Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation

Drug Possession







Hate Crimes


Indecent Exposure

Identity Theft

Insurance Fraud


MIP: A Minor in Possession

Money Laundering

Murder: First-degree

Murder: Second-degree

Open Container Law


Probation Violation


Public Intoxication

Pyramid Schemes

Racketeering / RICO


Securities Fraud

Sexual Assault




Statutory Rape




Scenario type crimes:


Terrorist threat

Bank robbery

Hostage situation

Drug Trafficking (Large scale)

Mafia related crimes

Prostitution ring

Human Trafficking

Black market (Arms dealing)


We are currently looking for criminals urgently, we only have 1 dedicated criminal. Every crime you commit and get away with you make money.



General Rules:

1. Do not break traffic laws.

2. Listen to higher ranks at all times, and obey their orders.

3. ALL emergency vehicles are off limits to Criminals. This includes damaging Emergency vehicles.

4. Helicopters are off limits to Criminals, unless a crime requires them.

5. No super cars unless the crime requires one.

6. No explosive weapons for Cops or Criminals unless a crime / response requires them. Criminals can use them for certain crimes, only SWAT can use explosive weapons.

7. No boats unless the crime requires them.

8. Only leave Algonquin to get vehicles if you need them, and head straight back. The only time you would be allowed to stay on another island is if you have a crime going on at a certain location e.g Airport, Alderny docks etc.

9. Don’t commit crimes all throughout the crime e.g You get in a pursuit get killed then get in another pursuit straight away. This will just get everyone annoyed at you.

10. When in a pursuit drive realisitically. If you have a bad crash of roll your car STOP you wouldn’t just keep driving after having a head on with a traffic light in real life.

11. Allow yourself to be arrested sometimes. This adds to the realism and makes the game overall better for police.

12. Do not return to a crime if you have been killed unless you have strict permission from the officer in charge of the game. This rule applies to police and criminals.

13. Do not continually use your vehicle as a weapon. Its alright a couple of times but continually gets tiring.

14. Keep in mind that there are other criminals in the game, don’t just stick to one person crimes try to get together and do a group crime e.g bank robbery, or hostage situation.

15. All real life traffic laws apply. You can take a right on a red light.

16. Try your hardest to play realistically at all times. Don’t go yelling ‘F**king pig’ when you get pulled over, this is highly un realistic as most people would try to avoid a fine.

17. No RPGs under no circumstances.

18. Respect all members of the clan. If someone is giving you a hard time tell the admins.

19. Metagaming is strictly monitored and frowned upon. Metagaming is using out of character information to benefit your in-game character. E.g Looking on the forums you see that a criminal is planning a bank robbery at the start of the game, at the start of the game you park around the corner and wait for the criminals to show up.

20. Try to keep the chat clear especially police. Anyone that is continually disruptive in game chat you will be kicked.[/left]




How to join:

Please leave an application in this format below and I'll send you a link in a message on THIS WEBSITE because I cant provide a link here (Against forum rules)





have you ever plauyeds a police clan before

what can you do for liberty city police officers


liberty city police officers


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How to join:

Please leave an application in this format below and I'll send you a link in a message on THIS WEBSITE because I cant provide a link here (Against forum rules)

This is to be considered an external event even if you didn't post any link.

Posting your gamertag or asking to be contacted in here for some event that is not run from here and that is run from your website to which you will redirect people once they messaged you in here, it's still against the forum rules.

As I said in another topic, we ain't that stupid.

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