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Can Anyone Help Me PLSE


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I need help with Rysouke's Bullet Shell mod. It won't show the bullet shells it is ment to create. What it is ment to do is when you shoot a weapon the ejected shell is ment to be lying on the ground like in real life. But it won't do that. I would like it to work. then there is the Bullet Hole mod, it is supossed to put bullet hole marks in what you shot. But it doesent do that and I don't know why, and I don't know how to fix it. Please help me fix this I would really a very happy person if you help me fix it.



This is the bullet shell link:



This is the bullet hole link:


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"Reading ASI files needs ASI Loader."


Download and install the ASI Loader or install CLEO 4 and ASI mods should work.

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I have that and cleo 3 and 4 currently using cleo 3 but one doesn't show bullet shells at all even though it was put in the right place. It does load but won't show the shells "loads but no shells" angry.gif . The other one (bullet holes) does the same thing "loads but no bullet holes" notify.gif . I wan't the bullet shells one to work mostly, but what do you have to do to make it work?


I want it to do what it does in the second, third and forth image of the mod:

http://hotmist.ddo.jp/plugin/shell/index.html dontgetit.gif

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