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Will DYOM Mod be made?

Illusive Prime

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Illusive Prime

If there is a topic like this on the Forums please delete this one (sorry in advance)

Or please move this if i got it in the wrong place. l-)






I hear that Dutchy and Patrick are considering making DYOM mod for GTA IV.


I've heard nothing eles of this.


Does this mean it is in the works or they have abandoned the idea?


Because i got my new gaming computer and the game set up, so i hope it's happening.


Please reply.


Many thanks.

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i prey that they are as its one of the only mods i wish GTA IV had .


shame because some of the limitations of modding gtaiv EG ivaud files & DYOM is really put me of continuing to bother

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Why not get Scocl and learn to script using the same method R* used? notify.gif

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Im not really looking forwards to having to invest loads of time learning scripting ontop of all the 3d stuff ive had to learn.

Also saints row the third came out and seems to have ALOT of the stuff i wanted to have in my syndicate wars mod like hoverbikes and lazer/miniguns/flamers,weapons and some futeristic cityscapes, plus factions & gangs which is what i would have also had to find away around to create hostile rival syndicate and cyberpunks.

i dont think the engines up to much but sure seems it would be easier, thought i would jump ship to it.

But then skyrim is releasing the full tools that they created the actual game with which got me really excited.


bit of a crossroads moment and not enough time for all sad.gif



just having a quick read through and it seems this is a new and more native way of scripting without having to add plugins like scripthook , and they load straight from the proper gta script img , sounds like its the only way to go from now on!


not a lot of what he said made sence to me but i will look in to it anyway as my project has totally stalled ATM.


PS: i hate ivauds still and that useless ivaud tool. one can live in hope something that works comes along soon.

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