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What weapons do you want in V?

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What weapons do you want to return or be introduced into grand theft auto V?


me persoanlly, my top 5 are the...



1. Revolver(any kind, preferably .44 or .357)

Honestly, nothing is cooler than walking up to a guy with a .44 magnum and blasting him to high hell.


2. M1911 .45

The most iconic pistol of all time in my opinion


3. M16(gta III)

Ive always liked the M16 over the M4 because it seems more like an 'assualt rifle' than a carbine


4. Heat seeking missle launcher(Gta san andreas)

i remember I would set up on a hill with unlimited ammo cheat and shoot down civilian planes/jets, lol


5. AA12(Gta TBOGT)

Nothing is cooler than explosive rounds and an automatic shotgun

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This could go here, really.

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