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1000 Things We Learnt In Liberty City


Recommended Posts

95. Niko can pick-up, carry, and throw a wide variety of small objects.

96. Niko cannot repond to pedestrian banter like CJ could.

97. Prostitutes will do a seductive dance before entering NPC vehicles.

98. Strippers don't like to share the stage with Niko

99. Dating Carmen while completing stunt jumps on a motorcycle makes a lot of sense (health boost).

100. Dating Kiki while hunting Pigeons makes a lot of sense (firing weapons in the city can get you into trouble).

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73. Wearing seatbelts will prevent Niko from flying through the window when hitting invincible trees and other objects.



theres seatbelts? if so how do you put them on? anyway...

on topic

101. you can get to the highest altitude and if you are lucky and hit a building you will survive

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102. "There's always a girl!"


103. You don't die. You only get injured to wake up in front of a hospital 6 hours later.


104. Police will chase you if you try to help them.

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105. RPGs can be stored inside your jacket or suit

106. Airplanes actually never land,take off or anything.They just drive through runways

107. There's a tollgate(or whatever it is) in Beachgate but they never charged anyone through it

108. Niko can f*ck prostitutes without stripping their clothes

109. Vending machines that sell snacks aren't usable.

110. Shoot someone's head with a shotgun and it is still intact.

111. I never saw any character drink water.( I know Niko asked it once,but he never drank it.)

112. Brucie will never have a child anymore

113. Little Jacob has an infinite selection of guns and ammos

114. There are no security guards in any establishments

115. The doors of car dealerships cannot be destroyed,but the windows can.

116. Liberty City's Water is dirty...I think this is the reason people don't drink water

117. Everyone has a coffee cup in the morning

118. Newspaper contains the same news everyday

119. Niko never used remote control for turning on,change channels on TV

120. Dimitri never got angry. He has barbiturates

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121. Some girls really dig the track suit look.

122. Cell phones and driving really do make you a worse driver.

123. Looking both ways before crossing the street is a good idea.

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124. You'll be asked to go bowling 3 times a day.

125. Slightly banging into a tree will cause you to fly out the windscreen.

126. The firebirgade serve no purpose.

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127. People can pull bike helmets from out of nowhere.

128. Most of the Russian mobsters look and sound the same.

129. Redheads named Kate are frigid.

130. Radio stations play on a continuous loop.

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131: Children do not physically exist in the IV universe.

132: Though people use computers in [email protected] they are always looking at the login screen.

133: The male [email protected] owner wants a tip but there is no tip jar.

134: The seagulls flying around the ports of L.C are invincible.

135: You can fly or take a boat to the far reaches of the endless ocean, and yet, there is still rubbish being blown around in the air that far out to sea.

136: There are fishing boats, but no one fishes.

137: You can take pictures on your mobile in the game, but you can't save those pictures.

138: Though Francis or Derrick get a gave in "Undertaker", Kate or Roman do not.

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139. Driving into a Pay n' Spray in the view of cops does not take away your wanted level. They aren't blind anymore.

140. Car washes are operational in the IV universe, unlike III, VC, and SA.

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141 niko bellic doesn't like gay dates when brucie asked to niko to date french tom niko only dates girls


142 we hate ESRB because they wont sell M rated games for under 17's ESRB fails


143 niko bellic is credit to team

Edited by UberChargedCJ
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144 Helicopters dont go down after hitting a building once


145 Police cant keep up with you in 1-3 star chases


146 standing on a grenade doesn't vaporize you


147 Niko doesn't swim underwater


148 airplanes dont do anything to Niko when they run him over


149 Niko hates seat belts


150 Niko never gets shot in the head and insta killed


151 People still scream when they fall off of skyscrapers after shooting them in the brain on "A Long way to fall"


152 Niko can see through walls while in cover and shoot people without looking to see where they are

Edited by fuckincopsman
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153. kill 100 people and the cops let u go like it didnt matter. biggrin.gif

154. there is loads of planes at the airport but we cant get in them. sad.gif

155. after only being in liberty city for 1 day niko knows where everything is.

156. walk past a cop with an rpg and he wont do anything.

157. some crazy person put loads of ramps up for some reason. confused.gif

158. never trust girls called Michelle.


edit: i dont think were ever going to get to 1000 facts, maybe we should do like 300 facts.

Edited by luis tbogt
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159. Going down steps while running = strange dance from the 70's

160. Lane changes are done 90 degrees at a time

161. Brucie was always a queer

162. Never become more successful than Dwayne he will put a hit on you

163. Dropping a friend off can equate to a punch in the face

164. Pals don't mind if you cap them, they actually appreciate it if you give them a ride home from hospital


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165. You can murder Dwayne's backup gangsters and he'll act as if you never did.

166. Packie has loads of car bombs (Dial B for Bomb)

167. If you are being chased with 2 or more wanted stars, and you stop to surrender, the cops will still kill you even if you pose no threat.

168. Everybody in LC seems to be a gun club member.

169. The police dont seem to do anything unless the player is the criminal.

170. Niko has a habit in running into people he helped or offended later on the streets of the city.

171. Liberty City doesn't seem to have any sport teams, but is quite fond of comedy entertainment.

172. Cops seem to blindly run at Niko/Luis/Johnny when he is barricaded in a building rather then making a tactical entry.

173. You can explode multiple explosives around structures, and they will not take structural damage.

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179. Nobody cares if you crash their car. Except some taxi drivers and gang members.

180. Burgers are always yesterday fresh.

181. LC residents drive slower on the highways than on the streets.

182. Strangely, it seems that only two ambulance men have the misfortune to fall on Niko’s mess… And to be killed.

183. We’re being invaded. alien.gif

184. Roman is addicted to gambling.

185. Luis Lopez is addicted to women.

186. Billy Grey is addicted to cocaine.

187. Gay Tony is addicted to cocaine.

188. A lot of people are addicted to cocaine. mercie_blink.gif

189. There is only one security guard for all the Liberty Metropolitan Area.

190. Planes are able to cross the above ground invisible wall.

191. Just scratch the rear of a police car and you’ll get your ass pursued.anuj_cop.gif

192. The shape of each island gives the letters that create the word LIBR. nervous.gif

193. Even if you are at Lombank, the ATMs are from the Bank of Liberty.

194. Alderney (except Westdyke, Leftwood and parts of Alderney City) is sh*tty as hell.

195. I’ve waited 10 days for the ferry to coast at the Alderney Ferry Terminal…But it never came. suicidal.gif

196. The radio always buzz when entering or leaving the Booth Tunnel.

197. It is impossible to tow a vehicule with a Flatbed.

198. Red propane tanks are dangerous ! devil.gif

199. Russians get angry when you throw dildos at them. sneaky2.gif

200. You can park your car inside any Burger Shot/Cluckin’ Bell restaurant. moto_whistle.gif

201. Skateparks are actually used by motorcycles.

202. Swingsets are actually used by cars.

203. Where the fu** is the Liberty City Swingers Stadium !?

204. What about LC Penetrators or LC Rampage Arenas !? angry.gif

205. The only streets that have more than two lanes in each direction are Burlesque and Denver-Exeter Avenue @ Star Junction.

206. Am I the only one who realized that Firefly Island IS NOT AN ISLAND !? panic.gif


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207. Every taxi you hit with a bat or punch it, the taxi driver comes out and try's to attack you

208. You can't call for police assistants if you are in the middle chasing a wanted suspect

209. If you jump before the car hits a cop. The cop doesn't come after you

210. You can't slash tires with a knife

211. Cops in the airport carry M4A1's

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212. There is a haunted hospital with ghosts

213. Roman Bellic is just a fat f*ck who lies(seriously what cousin lies to his cousin)

214. Niko almost betrays every single guy/girl who gives him a mission

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220. You do NOT want to piss Niko off.

221. If you pass out on a club you will be hauled off into the Heart of the City.(TBOGT)

222. All the videos on the Internet seem to be broken,

223. Don't touch any diamonds.

224. NEVER accept a job from a russian.

225. Packie shoves half of Bolivia up his nose every saturday night.

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226. Life is complicated smile.gif

227. Beating up majorities is hard work smile.gif

228. Luis hates helicoptors smile.gif

229. Clouds are 2D image in the sky

Edited by dansgas1000
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231. the cops dont like people who just like to walk around gardens next to the UN

232. cops are sh!tty drivers

233. yusuf is one crazy bastard

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234. There are a lot of foreigners

235. The cops are very aggressive

236. That rockstar makes sad endings

237. There is nothing in the garbage truck in the back

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