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1000 Things We Learnt In Liberty City


Recommended Posts


So heres how we play the game. You number facts, funny stuff, observations (Anything about GTA IV in general) and whatnot to try to get to 1000.




Other Rules:


-No off topic stuff

-Numbering the facts is a Must

-If the facts refer to PC modifications, you must say so to minimize confusion. (EDIT: This also applies to facts relating to EFLC)

-This is only for fun so don't get mad

-You may have more than one fact per post (Again, number them)



1. Speeding is legal

2. It's not uncommon to see Patirots and Calvacades in the ghetto

3. The Memory Lanes logo resembles a male sex organ

4. Medical fees are really expensive

5. Middle Park from above looks like an alien



So I did the first five facts as examples. You start from 6, 7, 8 and so on... Pretty self explainatory









EDIT (9th Dec 2011):


I decided to make a milestone chart to keep track of things












300: The_Anti-tragedy
















First Post On Page:









Last Updated: 23rd January 2012

Edited by T-Unit
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14. police shotguns are just modified sniper rifles

15. no one knows how to properly merge

16. a slavic has the ability to rape the entire police force

17. niko can get set on fire and not burned

18. trees are stonger than a car

19. the trains always magiccly appear when your at station

20. cab drivers have the ability to speed through time

21. 95% of law enforcement are overweight

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29. Motorcyclists can often pull helmets out of nowhere when mounting a motorbike, but only if they stay still.

30. Everything your cousin tells you before entering the city must be true, whether it is realistic or not.

31. Eastern European drug addicts know a lot of English despite never been to an English speaking county.

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32. shooting a window with a smg doesn't break it

33. shooting a wall with a rpg does not leave even a scratch

34.your phone is magic and can make cars, boats, motorbikes appear out of thin air!

35. your phone also allows you to heal yourself and give u guns and ammo, and change weather



Edited by luis tbogt
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39: Falling over while drunk is life threatening.

40: Peoples' hats will disappear when they're in the car with Niko.

41: Bullshark testosterone apparently does something funny to your balls.

42: Despite being a different state altogether police in Alderney wear their own uniform, but drive LCPD police cars.

43: Heli tours hires triplets to take people on tours of the city.


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44. Eastern Europeans and Irish guys kidnap mob daughters.

45. You can't get in most buildings. Must be tough getting to work. confused.gif

46. Going to a certain website gives you a 5-star wanted level.

47. Irish guys rob banks.

48. There is lots of parcour.

49. The bridges were closed because of "f*cking terrorists!"

50. Going on the runways im the airport gives you a 4-star wanted level because the LCPD think you're a terrorist. (And they're right sly.gif )

51. Katt Williams and Ricky Gervais travel into the GTA IV universe somehow.

52. The Triangle Club was owned by Dwayne Forge.

53. If you go really far away from civilization and blow yourself up, you will always end up at a hospital. wink.gif

54. There are always random people on the streets who sometimes know you.

55. Throwing up in a club gets you in the Statue of Happiness with a parachute. sleepy.gif ... nervous.gif

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61. People on multiplayer are NOT your friend.

62. Niko hates birds.

63. Liberty city is so awesome that you can go under the map with a heli.

64. Never trust a mafia gang.

65. Elderly people are rude. (OH I KNEW WE SHOULDNT OF DITCHED THE DRAFT!) Lol.

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72. There are gas stations in GTA IV yet you can't fill up your car confused.gif


73. Wearing seatbelts will prevent Niko from flying through the window when hitting invincible trees and other objects.


74. Can't hook up a trailer to a big rig, how do they make deliveries? confused.gif


75. Some hookers are obese

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we missed 70, so I'll include it here.


70. If you kill 20 people and get arrested, you won't go to jail for the rest of your life, you'll be out on the streets again after 6 hours.

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78. There are straight people at gay bars(TBoGT)

79. You can total a car and get it fixed and repianted for $100

80. everyone in liberty city likes the number 69

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84: You can store thousands of bullets, and a shed load of guns inside your jacket, but not two kinds of pistol at the same time.

85: If you get nudged by a car, you will stagger around until you die 80% of the time.

86: Dropping a friend, and yourself, onto the Statue of Liberty's Coffee Cup is incredibly hard.

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87: Pigeons (or flying rats) never fly away and constantly peck at the same spot all the time.


88: Though Alderney (New Jersey) is meant to be a seperate state, they have the same police vehicles as the rest of L.C.


89: Decapitation is impossible.


90: You can fall from a helicopter or jump from the top of a skyscraper and yet, after a few hours in hospital, you will be back on the streets with no scars or any evidence that anything happened.


91: If the boss gets away or you fail a job, you can magically turn back time and start all over again via a press of a button on your mobile from a text message.


92: The hospitals (with interiors) are in breach of health and safety standards yet remain open.


93: Cockroaches can not be killed and can magically appear through the ground.

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