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Ability to Backout of the Story Line [GTAV]


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---Moved to Wish list Sticky Post---


The overall aspect seems difficult though effective. On a parallel, I am sorry if this topic has been posted about and now that GTA5 has been announced, the forum of speculation is on route for collapse anyways.


It would be cool if after showing up for a Story Line Mission, and hearing/watching the partial details in the mission plan, the player could opt out of going on with the mission at that time. From my memory, right now the only way to opt out is to fail the mission or get negative feedback no matter what.


Certain missions can only be accomplished at certain times (stop back between 6a.m. and 10p.m.), I understand that, though that is the game controlling the flow of the story and my idea is to get more power back to the interaction of the player. This would allow for planing against traffic patterns, cops on shift change, high/low tides, mardi gras gay pride parades, etc.


Also, as in past story lines, certain characters start off with different personalities ranging from defensive, to aggressive, to overly accepting, to down right crazy. If you decide you don't like what the character has to say and back out of their plan, who's to say they don't take a baseball bat to your brand new banshee, send you on a side errand, or say f*ck it, do nothing, roll over, and smoke another bowl of rock.


Overall, my thought process is to combine the "Respect is Everything" attitude of GTA2 with the complexity and transitions of the GTA series in modern day of 2012.

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