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Actor doesn't drive


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Ok, this is a useless passenger mod I made because of the driver of the car does not drive ANYWHERE. But I made this script again but instead of making the player enter he warps into the car and tada its as if it never happend and it works but for this script it does not.



{$CLEO .cs}//-----------MAIN-----------$PLAYER_ACTOR = Actor.EmulateFromPlayer($PLAYER_CHAR):1 // Checks if the player presses G or somethingwait 0if andnot Actor.Driving($PLAYER_ACTOR)Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)00E1: player 0 pressed_key 8jf @10AB5: store_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR closest_vehicle_to 0@ closest_ped_to [email protected](1@)if0205:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR near_car 0@ radius 12.0 12.0 12.0 flag 0jf @105CA: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR enter_car 0@ passenger_seat -1 10000 ms046C: 2@ = car 0@ driver :2 // Makes sure that the driver of the car does not exist, if he/she does thenwait 0 // it jumps to :3ifnot Actor.Defined(2@)jf @3if andActor.InCar($PLAYER_ACTOR, 0@)Car.Defined(0@)Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)jf @1Actor.RemoveReferences(2@)Car.RemoveReferences(0@)jump @1:3 // Read the text at :2wait 0if andActor.InCar($PLAYER_ACTOR, 0@)Car.Defined(0@)Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)Actor.Defined(2@)jf @1Car.SetToNormalDriver(0@)Car.SetDriverBehaviour(0@, FollowRoad)Car.RemoveReferences(0@)Actor.RemoveReferences(2@)jump @1


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