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GTA Release Date


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It is stated that GTA was released in October of 1997. Does anyone happen to know when in October this was?

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Thanks, but it's all in another language. Can you translate the contents of the page in the link into English?

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The actual release date of Grand Theft Auto is not clear. While Rockstar Games asserts in /classics/gta.html its official website that the game was released in October 1997, GameSpot and IGN indicated that the game was only released on February or March 1998, respectively.


A translation of Sektor's link which is more credible than Wikipedia.

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And in Denmark, Lars sent me the info on where he got his copy of GTA from:     

"I ordered it from "autosonic" a local computer firm here in Denmark.  I ordered it about a month ago and got it yesterday (28/11-97) and I paid 399.- DKK for it (80 $).  , but I don't think they will send it to the US."  

Thanks Lars! 


It seems November 1997 is the earliest anyone got their hands on it.

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Can't confirm the exact date, but I know that it was released on PC in late 1997. I was playing it in December - I had it for Christmas that year. Lots of people seem to forget that this game came out for PC as well as the original Playstation.


Sorry I can't be more help than that ;)

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