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X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair


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leik oh em jeez!

If you have a dedicated game room, then sure, otherwise gaming chairs just get in the way, and the few I've had aren't comfortable to sit in for more than 45 minutes. I think I f*cked up my neck by sitting in one for my play through of Skyrim.

I would get something that serves more than one purpose, like a nice Computer chair or a couch. I saw a small couch with a little cooler AND a cooled cup holder in the arm rest for $300 (225 euros) or so at local store, was mad comfy too. Like sitting on a leather cloud.

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leik oh em jeez!

A good friend of mine has one of those. It was quite comfortable before it got worn down, now you just feel to two metal bars when you sit in it. It made a great gaming chair for it's first few years, though. And certainly well worth $20.

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