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GTA III era gang vehicle showdown Round 2


Which vehicle is better  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Which vehicle is better

    • Sindacco Argento(LCS)
    • Yardie Lobo(3, LCS)

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GTA III era gang vehicle showdown

Where the best gang vehicle wins


This is where all vehicles from GTA III era are here and every vehicle will have a showdown to the finals(GTA SA vehicles are not included they are just like pedestrian vehicles.)

Lenght before the next vote: 2 days(3 days if it's a tie)


Gang Vehicles


Leone Sentinel The Leones 3, LCS
Gang Rancher The Sharks VCS
Angel The Vice City Bikers VC, VCS
Avenger The Avenging Angels LCS
Polaris V8 The Vance Crime Family VCS
Sindacco Argento The Sindaccos LCS
Yardie Lobo The Uptown Yardies 3, LCS
Forelli Exsess The Forellis LCS
Yakuza Stinger The Yakuza 3, LCS
Gang Burrito The Sharks VC


Cholo SabreThe CholosVCSMr. WongsThe Liberty City Triads3, LCS
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Triad Fish Van The Triads 3, LCS
Cuban Hermes The Cubans VC, VCS
Cartel Cruiser The Colombian Cartel 3, LCS
Rumpo XL The South Side Hoods 3, LCS
Diablo Stallion The Diablos 3, LCS
Gold and Grey Sentinel XS Mendez Cartel VCS


Means eliminated

Means it won

Means competing for the third place

Means it reached 2nd place

Means it reached 3rd place

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Sindacco Argento(LCS) - 6

Yardie Lobo(3, LCS) - 5

Maneuverability: Yardie Lobo

Speed: Sindacco Argento

Acceleration: Sindacco Argento

Weight: Sindacco Argento

Durability: Sindacco Argento

If you don't agree then shut up.

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