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The Master and Molotov


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I have a problem with this mission. I don't know should I mention it but I will, I am playing the ripped version of the game so I don't know if the problem could be in the version of the game. Anyway, the problem is when I kill Faustin I got the message in the upper right corner "Saving, don't turn off system bla bla" and that's it it saves game automatically and whoever I call won't pick up the phone. I've seen some video walkthroughs of this mission on youtube and I saw that when you kill Faustin, Niko immediately calls Dmitri to say that Faustin is dead and in my situation he didn't do like that. So what could be the problem, and te thing is that I can't retry mission beacuse I saved game on only one slot and constantly overwriting. Is there any solution for this problem?


Thanking you in advance

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This happens sometimes, Dimitri won't call for ages to advance the story and if you try and call him it's engaged or theirs a call back later message. Try saving at your apartment to pass some time then wait and see if you get the call.

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Very naughty having a ripped copy - SPRING FOR A REAL ONE (buy Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition), IT'S DIRT CHEAP NOW, but that said, did you ever get the mission to run?

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Jasper Petrol

This should have been posted in troubleshooting (not mission help)


Where it is stated very clearly that Illegally obtained copies are NOT supported.



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