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I'd like a signature, with several things to make it "exciting"..

Can you make a avatar with the following things:

Bugatti Verron

Golden star


Guns (just 2)


The United Kingdom flag

Random guy walking

Where they should be:

Bugatti Verron should be in bottom right

Golden star should be next to my name

Lightsaber below the A of my name

Guns to the bottom left

Skull above the guns

Flag below the M of my name

Name should be: MANDOG in a Army font

Top left of the name (starting at the M) should say: The Dog trapped in a mans body

At the bottom of my name in the middle should say: Gaming 24/7

A guy should be walking at the right of my name (just use a army guy but no colours on him, just a black shadow)

If you can do this, thanks.

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Anyone? i know i'm not the type to double post, but..

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Be patient, you requested so much stuff to be put into a avatar/or sig, give it some time.
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