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Helicopter Piss Off!


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Alright, I recently realized that after your Heli has been hit by rockets it won't blow up instantly, but when you are about to Bail out it blows up, or when you land. I don't get it, why does it have to blow up when I want to get out? I mean, really, why does it have to? You wont blow up if you land on water, but still...

I wonder why did Rockstar put than it? Couldn't they fix it?

Why is it like that? Really?

That pisses me off...

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It's a minor penalty. Considering the Olde Games, pre 80s. In the olden days when your charactor died you started over, I mean at the beginning. I think it was the later Advanced Dungeons & Dragons where you were allowed to save and restart at the last save.

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I think that the time, that you have to jump from your aircraft may depend from whenever someone is shooting at you or not. I remember two situations, where I was shot down and my time to eject was different.


The first one was, when I got hit by Hydra's homing missile and no one else was shooting at me. I had a few seconds to get out before my helicopter exploded.


The second situation was, when I was using Hunter during gang wars. I was under constant and heavy fire from AK-47s. When a dark smoke has started to decamp from my helicopter, I automatically begin to evacuate, but, after two seconds I was toasted in my aircraft's explosion - I didn't had enough time to escape.


However, there are also situations, where an aircraft will blow up almost instantly. For example, if you shoot at it from a minigun.

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You have given consideration to the situation that it is only recently that jumping from a copter can be done. Special charges are necessary to blow away the rotors before an ejection (seat) can be deployed, and None of the Copters in the game have that capability. So basicly going down in copter is death anyway. There are very few copters that have successfully gyroed down. The U.S. Military seem to prove that at least twice a year.

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Just as my Heli Gets Black I jump out and it blows up.

I never got to survive.

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