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Truman's Wall


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We've seen the endless ocean in GTA SA, and the not so endless ocean in GTA IV, walls in III, VICE, RDR and cliffs in RDR. There are rumors about and endess desert and endless mountains in the upcoming GTA V.


But what if ROCKSTAR actually put in a wall way out in the ocean like in the TRUMAN SHOW? with the stairs and door and the wall painted with clouds? and that door actually leads to some location.


Maybe its meant to be an in-joke directed at us.


That door would be located directly north of the map and it will take hours to get there.


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I really enjoyed that movie, but it's pretty unlikely. Would be a great homage to Truman though.

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The movie preceeded the games?!? hahaha I don't remember ...too long ago

I don't think bordering the game will lead to some glitch, or BLUE HELL, but, in RDR, there are some nice as hell glitches!! Know what I'm talkin' bout??



Thanks Rockstar for those! (except the patches...BOOOO!)

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