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Recommended Posts


Hey guys,


for awhile now I've been wanting to get back more into BMX. I love cycling, I love offroad and mountain biking. There being a BMX literally around the corner from my house, I really want to purchase a decent BMX bike, for preferably also street/trick use aswell. I was just wondering if any of you guys know any decent BMX bike brands to begin looking into? Or even individual parts that I can put together and build the bike myself.


Also even just a general BMX/Biking topic.

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Here's my BMX.

user posted image


I've got more money into it than I'd like to admit. blush.gif

But it's worth it to me since it's tough as nails now, and way lighter than it was.

Some of the stuff I have on there:

Kink Cielencki frame w/euro bottom bracket

RNC Titanium 30 tooth chainwheel w/titanium bashguard

S&M Dive bars

S&M Redneck GFR stem

Haro Mirra seat

Drive Technologies 110psi Lock&Load tires

KMC K710 directional chain

Poverty sealed pedals

Snafu forged aluminum sealed 3-piece crank

Dia-tech Dirt Harry levers

Dia-tech 990 brakes

FSA Pig sealed headset

Kore street forks


The wheels are custom-made, the components are:


48-hole Odyssey Hazard hubs with a 10-tooth cassette rear hub (that means there is no freewheel, since it's built-in to the hub), 4 sealed cartridge bearings per hub (plus an extra one on the rear for the cassette)

13-gauge black anodized steel spokes

Velocity Psycho 48-hole double-wall rims.




Trying to swap out the forks soon, the ones I'm using are just too heavy anymore.


As for brands to check out, Hoffman is always good stuff, also check out Fit bike company, Kink, United, and We The People.

All good brands.

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Yeah bmx is a great past time hobby, unlimited thrills at they 'get your balls out moments. Mongoose legion is what I ride. I would recommend them. But most top end bikes are equally good!


user posted image


user posted image

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Aw man, I miss dirt jumps.

We had a ton all over the place at one time, anywhere there was a forest, we had jumps.


There was this one that was insane, it was huge and we always joked about how you could park a car between the lip and the landing ramp, and then one day someone actually pulled their car through the woods and parked in the center, it was awesome.

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