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This gives us a small idea


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Just found this on YouTube, it's GTA IV but with an almost exact replica of San Andreas as the map.


Do you think that this is close to how GTA V might look? (minus the -surrounding hills and countryside-) and if GTA V did look anything like this, would you be satisfied or dissapointed?

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Would adding IV graphics to GTA III make III look like IV, when it's set in the same city? NO!

Would adding IV graphics to GTA SA make SA look like V, when one of the cities is the same? MOST LIKELY NOT!

It's just a port of the SA map into the IV engine, it doesn't add any atmosphere, which is more important than the map.

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We have a huge thread in the Show Room dedicated to this mod. You can install and try it yourself. Not to mention the fact that the video has been posted dozens of times with the same exact question.



Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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