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GTA2 Manager Debug/Physics option YES I GOOGLED IT

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i opened GTA2 Manager through Game Hunter and i found these new tabs, Debug and Physics. Apparantly Physics is car stats, but what i don't understand is most of the options in the Debug menu. These are the choices i don't understand.


Map to Use


Script to Use


Style to Use


Save Game


Next Replay: 4


Skip Police


Show All Arrows


Show Instruments


Skip Mission


Skip User


Do Test


Show Imaginary Things


Constant Replay Save


Skip Traffic Lights


Skip Recycling


Skip Top


Skip Bottom


Skip Lid


Log Routefinder


Skip Particles


Skip Ambulance


Show Camera


Show Counters


Show Input


Limit Recycling


Show Timing


Do Iain's Test


Show Phyiscs


Skip Frontend


Do Brian Test


Play Replay


Show Horn


Do Mike


Do Sync Checks


Show Hidden Faces


Skip Dummies


Show Traffic Lights


Dont get car back


No Special Chars


Exit After Replay


Skip Slopes


Skip Left


Skip Right


Skip Skidmarks


Do Corner


Skip Audio


Log Random


Do Free Shopping


Log Input


Log DInput


Skip Trains


Skip Buses


Ignore Replay Header


Skip Fire Engines


Show Brief Number


Skip Replay Sync Check


Show Object IDs


Kill Phones on Awnser


Do Mission Answer


Do Text ID Test


Skip All Drawing


Log Random Drawing


Log random Extra



Please tell me what do these do.

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i think "skip" means disabling stuff.




a gta2 map needs all of these files to work. looks like you can combine them, what is pointless, but good for debugging.

"log" means that the game will write down the happenings in the game into a .txt file or something.


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Map to Use: bil.gmp (any gta2\data\*.gmp file)

Script to Use: bil.scr (any gta2\data\*.scr file)

Style to Use: bil.sty (any gta2\data\*.sty file)


Best to combine those with Skip Frontend. That way the game will skip the menu and go directly to that level. Great for quick testing.


Show Instruments adds percentage counters for player health and vehicle damage.


Do Free Shopping makes the oil, mine, vehicle gun, vehicle bomb and spray/repair shops free.

Edited by Sektor

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