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Random Programming Questions

Recommended Posts


The problem with game developers (having been one myself) is that they use MS Visual Studio. Often not by choice, because you pretty much have to for XBox development, and supporting multiple dialects at once is problematic. Unfortunately, C++ features are added to MSVS sluggishly. It's better than it used to be, but MSVS 2015 still doesn't support about half of the C++14 features. Although, to their credit, they have dropped support for trigraphs as far back as 2013, and that's a C++17 feature. (This was sarcasm, by the way.)


Worse yet, because games take a while to develop, and Microsoft is very bad at backwards compatibility, game developers very frequently aren't using the latest version of Visual Studio. Last studio I've worked at only switched to MSVS 2012 last year, and they were basically forced into that version by XBOne development. Up to that point, studio was using 2010, which has actual compiler bugs that aren't being fixed by MS because the version is no longer supported. So they had to switch from one outdated version to another, encountering new unsupported compiler bugs along the way, some of which I had to fix personally.


So the problem really isn't with the language so much as with the tools available to game developers for that language. That's not to say that C++ is perfect. But right now, I work at a company that's all C++14 under clang. Between new language features, clang's helpful error messages, and tools like clang-format, it's a completely different work process. I hope, game developers working exclusively on PS4 titles are making the best of this as well.

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I have a question about a PHP:


In a combo box connected with MYSQL, I use a while to pick the data from a column, but I wonder how much data can pick the "while"? If I have a table with +100 data, the while will pick all the data and print on the combo box or pick less?


Sorry for my english...

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Depending on exact implementation of the SQL DB, there can be a limit to how many rows you can fetch with a single SELECT statement. As far as I know, MySQL will let you iterate through as many as the DB will provide, memory limitations notwithstanding.


With big data sets, it is sometimes desirable to set a limit to how many rows you fetch.


SELECT * FROM table_name LIMIT 1000;
will return the first 1000 rows. You can combine it with WHERE and some index to break up data into pages. This is often done to reduce memory requirements and to otherwise improve performance.


However, 100+ rows are usually no problem to get in one query. You only really start having to think about it at 1000+ mark.

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Need some advice A.S.A.P please on how to implement Parse on Android to push notifications? Working on my own app.

T.I.A. and appreciate the help.

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Are you trying to parse something from xml or json and fire off a notification? Or is Parse some android package that has passed me by since it's been years since I've written for android.

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