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A surprise


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Never replied in this part of the forums, but as a writer myself, I read the text and I have to say, you are pretty good writer. Though I didn't understand everything, thanks to my very good English grammar, it was great story. Keep it up. icon14.gif

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Really short, simple and straight to the point. And there was me writing an essay to submit. suicidal.gif I can learn from this.


I loved the ending, although who was on the phone? You said Jack recognized the voice. Although the theme is anonymity so I guess its more poignant if we dont know who it was.


Good work though keep it up dude. turn.gif

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Thanks Notna and johnny_zoo.


To be honest, this is my longest piece of writing. At school, in composition writing, we have a word limit of only 450 words, so never wrote beyond that, and this is my first complete writing that's not written for school.


The anonymous caller was Jack's wife. Notice how the lights turned on right after the caller hangs up.

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