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SA installation problem


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hey friends i had downloaded GTA SA and then installed that. During installation two error messages appeared about >audio>streams.

i had continued the installation confused.gif and installation had done. later when am trying to open the shortcut icon of GTA SA on my desktop it was displaying a window as "no disc inserted" and "insert cd".. please help me to solve this problem. sad.gif

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The source of the game is very important.

Installs from disc seem to have the least problem, or at least easy to fix, presuming the hardware meets the specs of the game.

Free downloads, generally don't have all the files necessary to run the game as the pirates leave files (usually audio) out to make the load quicker. There is no fix for stolen games other than buying a legal Game.

Trying to play a Disc installed game with a No-CD crack may cause other problems than cannot be fixed in these forums, if at all.

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