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i know theres alot of smart modders out there and i know this could b possible.

so im woundering can some 1 create the wanderwaffe dg from cod 5, now it cant be impossible,


use the flamthrower txd and dff in 3ds max, change the colour and design to make it look like a wanderwaffe.


then look in weapons dat or where ever the flamethrowers stats are and change the flamethrowers performance and power.


then if u cant make it have the wanderwaffes ability changing its stats then use a cs file in cleo 4.


see im usless at creating mods, im ok at changing skins and i know how to add mods to my game n im sorta learning how to change models in 3ds but im not gd, so is what im saying making any sence n could this work.



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This isn't really the place for this. I'm not so sure what is to be honest because I haven't a clue what Wanderwaffe is, we do have a dedicated modding section which would probably be a better home for this question.

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