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I have been thinking of innovated ways R* could connect the Single player game to other sources such as:



PS Vita Cloud?

What I pretty much mean is how can R* connect the game? For the money you gain in multiplayer you add it to your total in Single Player and if you buy clothes and cars then you have those item unlocked in multiplayer for your character.


Also with the PS Vita (Which I doubt GTA V will be released, but speaking as in it being a possibility) we saw the cloud with that dungeon game. Would it be cool to play GTA V on your PS3 and then if you have to leave for something you just take your Vita with you continue on the go.


Just ideas so far.

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The idea of inter-optability is not a new one from the Sony Computer Entertainment folks, they opted to make the PS3 and PSP dashboards very similar, users like me, in 2005, we got to see the PSP's dash anew. PS3 felt like PSP did in navigational terms, they released news that the WiFi and networking would be an infrastructure they'd work on to allow PSN networking between the two systems, but you can't expect to be running the exact same game because of technical challenges. There will be specific content and ways that are not a hardware effected challenge, Like communicated with stored content on the PS3 from a remote location using PSP... or the same should be in place for PS VITA

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