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GMax Help?


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I don't know if many of you are familiar with or have used GMAX before, but it's a lot like 3ds Max; almost identical.

Anyways, I was trying to edit the Tropic and add a box to the main floor, right in front of the doors, to simulate a bed. Once I have the box made, that's where I'm stuck. How do I export it? I use Kam's scripts, so how do I do it?

Any help would be awesome:)

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You have to use Kam's scripts to import/export .dff files for San Andreas. Once you have finished making your object, make sure it is selected and then on kam's export options check the skip col box and click export. You will then need to make a col file for your object. If you need help on creating and placing objects, click my signature and check out some of my tut vids. I use max and gmax is the now discontinued free version, so it should be close enough.



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