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modding clothes in san andreas


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9 simple steps to put your photo on CJ's clothes:


1) You must have the game’s texture files (all textures are in .txd format). You will find them in your game’s installation directory


2) Download TXD Workshop and IMG Tool. You can find these here:


TXD Workshop:



IMG Tool:



3) Using IMG tool. You can open the file player.img present in your san andreas folder inside models (Games:\Gta San Andreas\models) . After you open this file. You would be able to see all the names of the clothes (filenames) that Carl can wear in-game. Select a suitable shirt which you can find easily in shops around san andreas. Using IMG Tool you can export/extract that texture to a known location.


4) Open TXD Workshop. You can open the texture files by clicking on the OPEN txd Tab present in the center of the GUI. Select the shirt you wanted to modify from step 3 (Dont forget the location where you saved the file in step 3!! ).


5) You’ll be able to see the shirt image on your right side of the GUI.. There is an option called export. Click on it, say bitmap images and select the path where you want the images. Click OK/Save.


6) Now open the image using paint or photoshop. Put your picture at an appropriate location on the existing image and save it.


7) Now import this new image you made by using import option in TXD Workshop. You need to overwrite the existing image. Now click on Save Txd. A txd file is generated.


8)Import this txd file into player.img from where you exported/extracted the txd from. Please note to not change the name of the textures. This could be disastrous!!


9) Play the game and buy the shirt that you made the modification on. You will see your picture in the game.



NOTE: Please take a backup of the files that you modify. If things go wrong, this can crash the game. As said before. This can work in other GTA games. You only need to change the game name in TXD Workshop. AND Happy Modding ! happy.gif


Previously I was asked by the moderators not to put the link but the licence on this link states that I need to specify the source before I share content from the site.


Source: http://www.ting-king.com/put-your-picture-...s-shirt-in-gta/



Edited by subramanian
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  • 4 weeks later...

I have tried this steps and it's Really works. It looks very funny and good. I have applies many photos to CJ and it's got completely new rooms. Thanks for providing such a good steps.

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I have tried this steps and it's Really works. It looks very funny and good. I have applies many photos to CJ and it's got completely new rooms. Thanks for providing such a good steps.

Your welcome smile.gif

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  • 3 years later...

Awesome tutorial. However, when I mod my clothes, I don't use Paint. It's very simple and has very little features, so you can't overlay photos. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6. It is also good for editing skins & models.

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  • 1 year later...

So if I were to change cj character model I would also have to change his txd for his IMG also? Basically just replace his old texture map with the new one for the new character geometry?

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  • 3 weeks later...

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