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GTA IV map problem


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I got this weird arse problem, whnever I start playing, the map would take 5 seconds to about 1 minute to show up, I sometimes even drive on "air" as you might say. I tried even settings the game to low on everything, but still no effect. My PC is more then capable of running the game on even the highest settings.


Re-installing didn't work and also it's not the mod's fault (tried a fresh install - had the same problem).


Any ideas?



I'm not using ENB or anything like that.

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Could be a driver related issue. Have you tried updating your video driver?

Also, I'm assuming that you have the latest patch installed.

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Yup, I have the latest patch and the latest driver. I tried disabling the OC I got on the GFX card, it wasn't the cause tho since it continued at an even worse rate (made the game unplayable, I was driving on air for half the time).

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