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the expandable aa12 mod


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the idea is made from the expandable movie. so i made one with that coolio wow.gif super frag 12 shotgun and normal shotgun. you all can see at youtube. i made no screenshot because its only edit config. soon i will made a better mod which is model and skin.


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Triple Penetration

It already has been done, with huge amounts of ammo, fast fire-rate and higher power.


It must already be on youtube too.


And please write words correctly, your punctuation may be understandably wrong, but movie names could be copied for sake of correctness, right?

user posted image
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no! i see those mod! real crazy! wow.gif my mod just make 1.5 faster... change rate of fire 1.0 to 1.5....i test it and then change if to fast! it take me five hour just explosive rounds you know? then i make the same with normal rounds!

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