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Hi guys, hope I've posted this in the right section.


I just wondered where the best place is to buy GTA posters, I'd be very interested to know where I can find the biggest collection, and the best quality posters.


Anyone have their own GTA posters?



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Probably eBay.


Rockstar has plenty on the Warehouse section of their website, if you're willing to spend $15 each.


Also, there's the ones they package in the games themselves (usually with a map on the back). That does mean you have great big foldlines running through them.


As for my posters, I have the ones that came with III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, CW and IV: The Complete Edition. The III, VC and SA ones are in godawful condition from when they were on the wall next to my bed. I've also got a huge VC one that came with a PS2 magazine. I've only got the IV one up in my university accom at the moment, and those foldlines are really pissing me off. That, and the fact it has the girl from the IV cover and two girls from TBoGT, but nothing from TLaD. Not really Complete. I like complaining about pointless things.

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Sounds great, I will have a look at the 'warehouse' section. Thanks. I actually want to buy a few to keep until I have my own place, while they're readily available (compared to 10 years time). I'd keep them nice and fresh in their tubes until then. I admire your collection, you must take some photo's of your posters and show us!




Some of these look fantastic, the RDR ones are nice too, however RDR as a game isn't as worthy for me as GTA for buying posters lol.

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