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new to missions need help


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hi, i am new to missions and i would like to know how to make myself missions for SA single player, but without using DYOM, cleo or sanny builder because those are using diferent languages for coding, so i'm wondering is there a way to code missions in python language and/or C++ for san andreas single player?


i don't even know in what language those missions from single player was written, maybe in

C++ ? those missions from single player what formats they have, .scm maybe? need help thanks

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This thread belongs in here, requested moving.



To the point:


Only coding language used in San Andreas for making missions is the Rockstar's own language, which is now used to make different kind of missions and add-ons (Whole new storyline as .scm-mod, or speedometer as Cleo-mod)

Mostly Rockstar's coding language is referred as Cleo or Cleo-scripting.

Here is a tutorial for scripting.


And as you already know other coding languages, learning Cleo-scripting won't be too hard, using SannyBuilder is really easy. You can use search-function to find right opcodes, or if you can't find something you can ask from either GTAForums or SannyBuilder's own website.


And, as you might've already guessed it, basically everything in singleplayer is stored in main.scm, which is coded with Cleo.

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