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Would you buy a completely


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No, I wouldn't. Only because I would have already died from excitement at the thought alone of an Updated current gen SA. tounge.gif



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gta v is set in san andreas or atleast a part of it, for me the greatest gta was san andreas, i had the most fun and spent the most time with that one. I was just wondering would anyone buy a completely updated version of gta san andreas, with an updated physics engine, graphics and all the bells and whistles. i certainly would.

Hell yes! Even if it had the exact same story and missions - An updated version, i.e. GTA IV type SA, I'd sure as hell get it, hell I'd spend the full retail price for it too!

Imagine the whole on SA on current gen graphics? That'd be just orgasmic!

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Yes I would. That game was just so much fun and still would be if only it didn't look like crap now.


Long time lurker, first post btw tounge2.gif

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It would be tempting, and I'd likely get it. San Andreas was cool. But I really don't think they will spend time on updating an old game rather than spend time on the new one.

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