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hii friends,

i recently started modding san andreas... i m using gxt editor 1.3 to change my modded car names... i've changed many vehicle's name with it.... however now when i m checking each vehicle indivisualy some of the vehicles dont show any name when i enter it...i ve tried several times to rename them & save. but in game they stays the same....can any one tell me how to fix them ? thanks in advance..

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Some symbols cause the names not to be displayed at all. And there can be multiple GXT-entrys which have the same name, so changing one won't affect in-game name.


Can you post some names that won't display right?

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thnks for your quick reply bro.. i wish i could upload my gxt file here....the names are following...



400----- landstalker -------- jeep cherokee

405--- sentinel --------- mercedes 780 LI

411 ---- infernus --------- audi r8

417 ------ leviathan -------- ch-47

419 ---- esperant -------- camaro ss

424 ---- bf injection ------- jeep

487 --- maverick ---------- explorer

517---- majestic --------- mercedes e55

541---- bullet ------------ mustang GT

548--- cargobob --------- skylift

554---- yosemite --------- dodge ram

563---- raindance ---------- ec-365

581---- bf400 ----------- suzuki hayabusa

586---- wayfarer ------------ H D fatboy

592 ---- andromeda ------- ac-130 spectre


these are the names which are not working.... when i enter these vehicles, they show up no names....

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Hmm, they are like any GXT-entries... If you have Cleo installed, you could try this:


Create .fxt-file in "CLEO_TEXT"-folder. You can create one with notepad, while saving change the file-extension to .fxt.

Then, add there GXT-entry of the vehicle, and name after it.


You can find GXT-entry's of each vehicle from vehicles.ide:

Open vehicles.ide, and find the line of the vehicle you want to change name for.

For example, I've chosen Landstalker:


400,	landstal,  landstal,  car,  	LANDSTAL,  LANDSTK,  null,	normal,  10,	0,	0,  -1, 0.768, 0.768,	0


Sixth digit on the line is the GXT-entry, LANDSTK.


I hope this helped you enough. smile.gif



PS. You have any other .fxt-files in your CLEO-TEXT-folder? And what Cleo-mods are you using?

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i ve tried cleo vehicle rename mod... but its not working so i've discarded it.....i m using cleo 4, with javelin mod,eject seat mod, radio mod, anti material rifle mod....is there any other way to fix this through gxt editor ?

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Create vehicles.fxt in CLEO\CLEO_TEXT



AT400 Boeing 737 LOTELEGY BMW M3HOTKNIF Talbot Lago T26CPCJ600 Aprilia RSV4NRG500 Suzuki GSX-R600SANCHEZ Yamaha YZ250FHAYABUS Suzuki Hayabusa



First string is GXT name (sixth field from IDE cars section), the second is your own text.

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thnks 2 both of u...

@ oska8

i replaced the gxt code entry with the one in the vehicle.ide as u said.. & BINGO now all of my cars showing custom names...thnks again bro... i owe u a beer....can u please give me a link for a good texured fgm javelin skin ??

@ fastman92

thnks for ur elaboration...

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Pranjit Das

Hey guys, can you help me on how to change city names of GTA SA with Cleo fxt files? In the past, I was used SA GXT Editor to change car and city names,


but now I learned that GXT Editor is a malicious program so I decided to remove it. But I still want to change city names,


I already know how to change car names with cleo .fxt files, but I have no idea how to change city names with this method!


Can anyone help me? It would be better if you guys reply fast!


Thanks in advance!!

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From Sanny's reference files


8SA2		// San Andreas
8SA3		// San Fierro
8SANTOS		// Los Santos

But this was the first hit in a search. City names are defined in multiple GXT... tables(?), and sometimes multiple times within the same table. Some missions load a special table.


10LS		// Los Santos
10LS2		// Los Santos
10LS3		// Los Santos
10LS4		// Los Santos
10LS5		// Los Santos

BTW, I haven't messed with it much, but there's a cleo4 opcode that allows you to create and remove GXT keys without an FXT file.

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