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Robots Call Home Too


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Hello lads. I started this project a little bit ago, and is the first time I've ever done anything even close to it. Only animation I've done before are incredibly simple tiny few frames things.


The idea was to see just what I could do and to try my hand at writing a song with a clear story rather than writing a song and feeling a story out.

I'd like to make this clear, the music is nothing I haven't done before its not really what I'm showing off here. (though to be quite honest I did enjoy making it just as much)


The story of the video is mr robot is lonley and home sick, and wants to call home. So he sends a message, next day he gets a message back only for the storms to move in and cut his signal off.


The process I used was modled after my years of admiring the old disney style. Which for backgrounds they basicly painted the backgrounds on one layer paint a second layer move it around, ect.

I did not use any special software for moving things.

Infact, I used keyframe animation in PHotoshop CS5 exported, and added the music in with Windows Movie Maker.

Not exactly rocket science but it works and it was fun. I prolly would of done it with lots and lots of paper and large cameras if I had that kinda room and equipment, but I do not sad.gif


Now with out more stalling my video


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That was pretty brilliant, Tryst. Surprised you used Photoshop and Movie Maker, though. Have you ever worked with a copy of After Effects? It's perfect for this kind of stuff.


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Nope lol I only have photoshop (legal). I really don't feel like going all pirate like and photoshop seemed to do exactly what I wanted it to do, which was basicly let me do each frame on my own.

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